When choosing a song, a random track starts to play instead

  • 24 October 2018
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It started only recently. But when i want to choose specific song sometimes it happens, that completely random song starts to play, insted of the one that i picked. And after i press on the song that i wanted to play again it's okay.

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32 replies

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@julio_rosu in order to help with the investigation, our developers asked if you could provide the following information:
- Searched song and URL link if it is possible
- platform (iOS/Android/Web) and device (phone/tablet/PC)
- Deezer app version

Thanks :)

sure, I looked for the son ‘t-shirt weather’ and here the URL, I tried to play it, but instead it played ‘Wyoming’ by the same band, ‘The Lucksmiths’




-on my laptop or Iphone, I have IOS, iphone 13, most recent update.

deezer app, phone or tablet it wont work, here’s a screenshot where it says I’m an independant account of a family plan.

-What else can I do to help you, so you can help me?

Thank you. (that’s my email I’m subscribed with)


Hi @Jaime. it’s been 7 days, any update? Any help? what can I do? is it fixable or should we just cancel the subscription? what do I do? 

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Hey @julio_rosu I have asked again and our devs mentioned that it is still under investigation but there is not an immediate fix right now and will take more time.
Apologies for the inconvenience

@Jaime.So, do I just wait? And still paying family plan? like, there’s gonna be a solution at some point? HELP 

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@julio_rosu I have just been informed that the problem should be fixed by the end of next week
I know it is not ideal, but still good news as our developers managed to find the root of the problem and work on a fix.
Apologies for all the inconvenience in these past days

@Jaime. This is actually great, I’ll literally be waiting until the end of the next week, I hope it ca be fixed. Thanks again, I’ll keep you updated.