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  • 15 December 2018
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When I change the volume on my windows 10 pc a Deezer banner appears in the top left corner of the screen. How do I remove this?

This happens while using the Deezer desktop application.

I understand its usefulness but there should be a way to turn it off. It can be quite obnoxious for users.

Best answer by Rafael. 20 December 2018, 15:06

Hi there! Some people reported the same and we have already passed the feedback on to our devs 🙂
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16 replies

That second link I posted actually names an app that completely removes the banner for everything, I have that running in the background by default now. 
crappy solution but it works. 

Why does it almost take a year to add an option to disable the banner? Come on. What the use of the deezer app when that huge annoying banner fills my screen? I just use the site now since that works at the moment. 

So instead of saying you noted the feedback (3 times), just do what we ask instead of making empty promises. I hate the banner in every way and just want an option to remove it, so make a change please! We have waited way too long now. 

Spotify fixed this ages ago; and looks like there is no way to disable this in windows itself (
Is there an update on this? The banner is extremely annoying.
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Hi there @DrCat @Lucas Hipólito

Thank you for bumping this suggestion. I'll be passing the feedback on to our desktop app team.
When will the desktop overlay be removed?
Any update? It's been half a year since the OP. It would be really good if this got bumped up the priority list, that desktop overlay is a real hindrance as far as I'm concerned.
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Hey @NICK1993

We haven'd had progress on this but make sure your app is up-to-date!
The topic gets marked as solved when a reply is defined as the best answer - but this is also used to update all users in the topic, so it doesn't count as 'solved' to Deezer because of that.
Any update? It has been already for 4 moths from first issue about this.
And why this topic marked as "Solved"?

I would love this option too because this overlay is really annoying.

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Hi there @bladesan

Sorry about not having an update.
Thanks for the feedback, duly noted 😉
Hi Deezer,

Any progress?
I would also like this to be addressed. I know it's MS Windows who introduced this, but it's just pain - If you are working on something, you need to wait 5 second which is like forever if you need to click something below that.

Ideally a setting that Francois has mentioned (that S* has) would be awesome - as someone might like this.
Or just raise this with Microsoft if needed - it's their mess!

Not meaning to be rude but Spotif* had this solved ages ago 😛 😛 In the display options, you could turn of the setting "Show desktop overlay when using media keys", to reduce the volume banner.
However I could not find this setting in Deezer, nor in the generals Windows 10 setting. Until @Rafael. and Deezer staff figure this out, one suggestion to you @Timelordz would be to reduce the time of Windows notifications to the minimum (5 sec) in the general Windows setting: Ease of access > Display.
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Hi there! Some people reported the same and we have already passed the feedback on to our devs 🙂
Hello, I downloaded the app from your website.

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Hi there, could you please provide a screenshot directly on here? Did you download the app from our website or through the Microsoft Store?