An error occurred, please try again later, on Deezer and Chrome

  • 16 January 2021
  • 5 replies

Is there any way to fix this? I can’t play my tracks. I know this has been happening for a bit and to some others too.

I am on Chrome OS, and have to stay on it so no mobile app or premium either. 

5 replies

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Hi there @Dkolbin 

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Have you tried clearing cache and cookies from your Chrome, and a fresh restart to see if it helps?


I have the same issue on Android app, every 2 or 3 song this error occurs.

I already have cleaned the cache, deleted and re-installed the app.
This error is not poping up when i’m on the windows desktop app, only on mobile.

I can’t find very clear and official information on this error. Is there something on-going to fix this?

That’s quite annoying in hand-free to have to get back to my phone to restart the playlist…

Thanks, Harnesh.

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Yes, @Harnesh 

We're working hard to improve that part of our Android app, not just the service in general. The next few months should see a substantial improvement in the performance of the app and its reliability. Stay tuned :relaxed:

honestly, this site is horrible. get error messages, leave it for spotify, which is great, for a few months, only to come back and get error messages again. how do you stay in business?

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Thanks for the feedback @Y.L 

We're working hard to improve the performance of our service, so what you experience could be actually temporary. Any chance you could try the desktop app or clear cache + cookies from your browser to test it out?