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  • 25 October 2017
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Like the title says. One playlist you cannot stop playing so we can all discover some new tunes!


What's your favorite playlist?

hpguru 11 months ago

Did you make that cover? @hpguru 

It looks fab!

I used this tool for covers. You can make nicest covers for free to your Deezer lists.


Start creating for free.

And remeber to select INSTAGRAM post, it will be in finest resolution when on pc.

You can then upload designed output to Deezer list. It can be designed professionally.

All my playlist covers are made with this tool online for free.

Make sure to do so, it only takes minutes, and we can make Deezer experience more professional. I recommend this tool to each user who want to create amazing lists inside Deezer.

Not just music amazing, but amazing from covers to content.

Yes, you guessed it I am always hungry looking at my first playlist!

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87 replies

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Amazing! I don't know much if anything about Canadian bands/music scene, thanks a lot for sharing 🙂 I'm listening to it right now.

I haven't made a new playlist in a while, but I might try to make one today and share it later.
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Hey! thanks for sharing your playlist! I am discovering new songs and I really liked "New Life"!
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Awesome. I love helping people discover new music!

Putting these weekly lists together has helped me to discover lots of different bands from Canada that I had not heard before!
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I liked your playlist! Particularly the vocals for Lul - Big Brave
I'm going to listen to it again on the weekend, since I enjoy listening to metal even more outside of work.
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Here is my newest weekly playlist. It has a more indie feel this week.
Hope you enjoy!


If you listen please share your favorite and least favorite song on the list.
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I'm not really updating playlists on a weekly basis but I do have some suggestion for a playlist I have created which includes all the classical music I like (I'm not really into classical but I do love specific songs so I figured a playlist would be a good idea).

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This is the INDIE playlist I am sharing with you today 🙂 feel free to give it a listen.

MIXTAPE is our brand new playlist with today’s biggest tracks, LONDON GRAMMAR have chosen some of their favorite songs!

Share with us your Indie playlist and tracks, we are always down for new music 🎧

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I've recently been listening to the Deezer Indie Rock playlist 🎶 🎵
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I've recently been listening to the Deezer Indie Rock playlist 🎶 🎵 YESSSS! Love that one too! 💟
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Thanks i will check it out. I love listening to classical for productivity, it really gets me into the flow.
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My favourite Indie band is Alt-J...will never forget their gig in Milan 😉
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I love Indie bands! one of my fav is Bloc Party: https://www.deezer.com/fr/artist/382
I would like to know if anyone like this band too! 🙋🏻
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Listen this: http://www.deezer.com/us/artist/13425553 🙂
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Weekly playlist update.

Canadian Flavour of the week: Post Punk

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Another great playlist I really love is from Guardians of the Galaxy. Sobgs from the 70s.


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For all those who need a big start to the new week

💪 → dzr.lnk.to/happinessboost

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Weekly playlist update

Flavour of the week: Psych

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Why not enjoy our week with some Rock music!

I share one of my fav playlists BEST ROCK OF ALL TIME
With unmissable rock tracks, old and new!

Hope to listen yours soon 🤘

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Very nice ROCK Ballads playlist :

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Hey music lovers❤️!

Soothing acoustic guitar and electronic songs for either a walk through the park or a nap in the field, your choice 🎧


What do you listen when you #GoForAWalk?
Share your playlist or fav song here 👇

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Weekly update.

Flavour of the week: pop/rock

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Hi everyone. I have created a Playlist called "New Songs 2017."
Hope you like it ... follow it if you do.
Cheers ........
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Weekly update.

Flavour of the week: Pop/electronic

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Weekly Update.

Flavour of the week: punk/rock

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You will find good old music from video games, why don’t you tell us what is your favorite!


I was not an ultra gamer but this one from Super Mario Bros. rocks!