Problem with instagram/snapchat story

When I play music on iphone 11 pro max on my bluetooth device and I want to record story on ig or snapchat, music stop for few seconds ( about 4-5 seconds) and then it play. What is reason? I try it on iphone x and there not have problem but on iphone 11 I have that problem.

When i use other services ( tidal, spotify) it work without stoping music. 



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On my old phone i used to share music from deezer on my ig story, but on my new phone when I choose to share on ig story, all I get is camera for ig story. Both deezer and ig apps are updated and I've done simple things like turning phone off and restarting it.

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Sorry to hear that @Kearon.James.Scarrott 

@Kearon.James.Scarrott @kecman Could you please confirm your Android and Deezer app versions? Our devs just need a bit more detail on the bug report. Have a nice weekend!

Have you found a fix? This is only happening with Deezer and no other music app!

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Hey @Sali.Ab 

Thanks for the feedback.

Our team needs more info before getting to the bottom of this - we need to be able to reproduce the issue too.

Is there any way you can provide a bit more detail for our report?

Hi Rudi, what further info do you require? My phone is an iPhone 11 - IOS 14.5.1

This seems to be an issue with IPhone 11 plus as my previous IPhone 8 had no lagging when playing music through Bluetooth in the car. 

Phone doesn’t have a problem with Spotify, just Deezer which is a shame. I hope you can find a bug fix soon as this seems to be ongoing for over a year now

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That helps but not much, @Sali.Ab - the thread talks about Instagram/Snapchat story and now you're mentioning Bluetooth in your car as another issue.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but when I mean details, I mean a step-by-step for us to reproduce the issue you're having. I have the same handset myself with the same OS. Could you please confirm if you try to remove the app, restart the phone and redownload it?

You can also go on Settings > About so that I could have the Deezer app version installed. All of this could be very helpful :relaxed:

Hi ,

I have the same problem! But , when playing music through car play  via“ cable”  in the car . 
my iPhone is : 

iPhone Xʀ




Version for deezer : 8.44.0 


Before 2-3 years desszer working fine ! Please fix it ! Other app’s working fine and don’t want use the others !! 

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Try performing a fresh install if you can @KhoudF 

Remove the Deezer app, restart your XR and reinstall the Deezer app.

Is this happening to the same tracks? If yes, you might want to post the link for them here so that I can check it out :relaxed:

The problem is still there, the 4-5 sec silence gap when pressing record od these two applications, i have iphone 11 pro IOS 15.4 (19E241) and Deezer ( I tried reinstalling, the problem is still there. Is there some kind of lifehack to overcome it?