MS2004 error

  • 15 April 2023
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I am getting MS2004 error all the time - I have seen posts that Deezer are aware of it and working on fixing the issues but it’s been going on for months!! Not to sound like a kid but… are we nearly there yet?! Driving me nuts!


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29 replies

I come back from abroad over a month ago and haven’t had any issues until today. Done everything in previous posts but still getting the dreaded MS2004 on both my iPhone and iPad when searching, really frustrating! Any hopes on the horizon of a fix or am I off to S*****y?

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Hey @Monkey47!

Have you tried to reinstall the app on both of your iPhone/iPad to see if that helps? Also, we would suggest you to clean the cache on the Deezer app as well 📱

As mentioned before, the bug has been already identified and our developers are working on it and it should be fixed very soon 🙏

Same issue here. Search for a track, play, MS2004.

Favourite it and it then updates flow and it plays. Removing it as a fave and it continues to play.

Not been abroad in 10 years unless Scotland counts.

Using high fidelity, download on any network type.

Possibly indexing issue, stat tracking or a stale link as when you do play the next result the track that plays seems to be the previous one that wouldn’t play, but that’s a little more random.

Either way, not worth my £15 a month at this point and financially an easier service to drop, and I’ve been here since 2015.

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Hello @Ginger Badger thanks for the insights. Indeed that is a workaround.
Can you @Monkey47 tell us if that works for you too.

We are keep investigating where this issue is coming.