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I am getting MS2004 error all the time - I have seen posts that Deezer are aware of it and working on fixing the issues but it’s been going on for months!! Not to sound like a kid but… are we nearly there yet?! Driving me nuts!


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Hello there @Sash

please follow the steps below and let me know how it goes. 

  1. Quit and relaunch the app
  2. Try another mobile (4G or Wifi)
  3. Empty Smart Cache
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Clear the app data
  6. Delete the app and reinstall it

I’ve done all of the above and still constantly get this error warning I might get a hand full of songs I can play/save maybe 4/10 I click on I can actually play, it’s not the first time I’ve had it either it works for short time then comes back to doing this 

I’ve also done all of the steps and the issue is still there!! What is this error code? And why is it coming up more frequently?

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Hello all, 

Could you please tell the iOS version and app versions on your mobiles please? 

Sure - iOS 16.5 (worth noting that it has been an issue to the past versions too, dating back many months) and app version 9.39.0 (

I would like to add I reported exactly the same problem months ago online and just keep getting asked the same questions as above over and over again, the log was closed once (not at my request) and after finally providing the video evidence requested… I’m still being asked the same questions. 
They clearly have no idea what this problem is or any desire to fix it. It’s just delaying tactics in the hope you’ll give up, sorry to say. 
Frustrated doesn’t even come close! 

I’ve now been told it’s due to poor internet connection, which is rubbish. Clearly my internet is allergic only to Deezer. 

Anyway, good luck getting it sorted, but I’d not hold out any hope anytime soon. 😕

Oh really?! Bit of a shame that in many months we seem to be no closer to a resolution. To be honest these are just blanket responses [that we are receiving] aren’t they?! The fact is that these errors don’t exist at an individual user level - there is either some kind of software incompatibility (that they can only fix, not us!) or some bug within their app. It’s gone quiet and I’m not getting anything back now. Will assume no known fix so ignore.

It’s happening so much now that I’m honestly considering cancelling and subscribing to one of the many alternatives. What’s the point in paying for this service if we can’t access half of the tracks?!

Hello all, 

Could you please tell the iOS version and app versions on your mobiles please? 

Happening more and more, honestly - just tried to listen to Imagine Dragons. Tried a dozen songs, only 2 could be played. TWO. Awful.

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Hi @Sash,

I'm sorry to hear that you still have this problem.

To better understand your situation, could you let me know if your IOS is up to date and what is the playback context (Track mixes? search ? playlist? - use the header in the player).


Getting absolutely fed up with seeing this message pop up almost constantly when I’m searching for songs. This isn’t the first time I’ve reported this & I’ve followed the steps that have been posted to resolve it and it doesn’t work. I’m paying monthly for Deezer & this just isn’t good enough! And I can see from other messages, that I’m not the only person having this problem. Sort it out Deezer otherwise I can see you losing a lot of customers!!

Suddenly started getting MS2004 every third song!! This isn’t fixed yet is it ? iPhone updated IOS recently, smart cache is clear - not helped

Yes, still happens. 
iOS is up-to-date, happens on so many songs - have provided some links as examples (so frequent that I have pulled 3 examples in just a few minutes of searching random songs / artists).

I’ve also noticed a lot that the selected title - which then shows MS error’ is not the one which plays after you clear smart cache

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Hi @Armz @Kul Nijjar @Sash @Kul Nijjar,
The error MS2004 according to our developers seems to be linked to users travelling aboard and if affects mostly the track mix when you search content.
We have an open investigation going on for Android and iOS devices, so the best I can ask you all to do here, is if you can reach our Customer Support, report your cases, providing this vital information: Have you travel aboard recently, OS version and Deezer version, what action are you doing to get the error MS2004 (if you can record a video, that will be a great plus), did you try to reinstall the app and clean cache, have you rebooted your phone. With that in hands our developers can keep trying to mitigate this issue. Apologies for the experience that you are getting right now.