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  • 13 April 2023
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I’ve been using Deezer on my ipad for 2 years without a problem until now:


A new ad by Deezer (AnimeVerse) launches in full screen mode on my connected screen when the main Deezer window is on my ipad. It is impossible to click on the ad, it completely blocks the screen and stops me working. When I close Deezer the Stage Manager configuration is then changed. To get it back to how it was I must mirror the screens in display settings, then un-select mirror to re-initiate Stage Manager. 

It appears that the developer of this Deezer Ad did not think of the new iPad Stage Manager or that someone might use Deezer on their ipad while they are working on a connected screen. Its an extremely annoying problem, Deezer: please help! 


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3 replies

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Hello there @robert123 the Anime Card is dismissable you should be able to close it easily. 


Thanks for your reply,

Unfortunately if it were that easy I would not have posted it as a problem (I used to work as an IT Manager so definitely would have found a solution if it were not so problematic). I can’t even click on it, as it displays in full screen mode on the connected screen. The only solution is to close Deezer. 

On the other hand, it seems that Deezer is not displaying this Ad at the moment so the problem is not currently present, however I’d appreciate if this bug could be forwarded to a developer so that they are aware of it and can test for the problem. 



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Hey @robert123, yes you are actually right, sorry! 

We have an engineer looking into this for future notifications.