Android Auto - Playlist view

in the android auto app you can’t view your playlist’s songs, or even change the order of the playlist, which makes the android auto app almost useless since I always use my phone to choose a specific song or choose the playlist order, your only option is to shuffle with the AA app alone.

This is the Deezer player in AA:

This is the Youtube Music player in AA:

notice the blue circle shows the playlist view icon

This is Youtube music playlist view:

and it’s not only YT music who has this basic feature, spotify also has it.

I have a complete faith in you guys to add this basic feature which apparently you guys have it in Car Play which is a bit odd.

Thanks @Ayoo that would be handy indeed.
Let’s wait to other users to vote so the idea can be considered by our developers for future updates on the app

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Thanks @Jaime. :)

I hope to see it soon :pray:

Why this feature was not included from the start is beyond me.


Even the radio's in-built player has a navigable playlist.

@Jaime. Is there any possible progress on this? Is it a consideration or a roadmap feature yet? 



This is really a required feature, when choosing a playlist most of the time you need to start with a specific song you have in mind not just the first one or shuffle. Please 🙏

I am also having the same issue. Deezer has commented about this on other similar threads, but i think they have stopped commenting or bothering about it.

But, dear Deezer, why would you stop user from browsing from playlist in the first place. Please do try to sell the safety crap.

Do you know what happens in most of the cases? Users use their phone to select particular song from the playlist or select it on Android Auto and keep hitting Next untill they get to the required song. In my opinion both the above options are dangerous than having option to open and select the song on the head unit itself.

​​​​Also, why do you assume that its always the driver who operates the head unit, a co passenger can operate it. And in that case why would you prevent selecting a particular song. The more you restrict the more people will seek other options and make it more dangerous to them.

I just switched from Spotify to Deezer.

I really like Deezer but missing this simple feature in Android auto could make me and my family switch back to Spotify.... 


My daughter like to choose songs she like in the car and now i have to unlock and give her my phone..... 


Please fix this asap! 

@Jaime. Anything new about this? Couldnt be too complicated to fix this feature... 

I just switched from Deezer to Spotify because of lack of such a basic fonctionality on android auto.

I got tired of waiting... users have been asking for this feature for years

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How many more upvotes are required before Deezer considers this? This issue has been reported in numerous threads across Deezer and still they are not considering this. How hard is this to implement and also in every thread i see that this idea is “In Discussion”, what is there to discuss about it. The idea is clear and many people are requesting it. So can’t Deezer just implement it instead of wasting time. 

New to Deezer and just discovered this shortcoming today. Super annoying that I can't browse playlists in my vehicle. Also no “go to album" or “go to artist" option on currently playing screen. Very disappointed.