Adding Podcasts RSS Feed


As a lot of podcast content providers need to manually request adding their service to Deezer for the podcast to be added, this means that a lot of good content is being missed.

Request #1

It is possible for users to add custom podcasts (via RSS feed) to Deezer where the podcasts will only show up in their profile (not affecting anyone else).

Request #2

Also, maybe a community podcast upload where the community adds the RSS feed which gets added to the podcast lists after being approved by Deezer?


Hi there @jmd011

I've changed the status of your idea and voted for it. Now we just need more users! Thanks for the suggestion, it's a good one 😉
How can I add a Podcast Channel, using a RSS to updated it.

Hi @becomexlab this is not possible I am afraid. Please see the podcasts we offer in the dedicated section, you can also vote for the above idea 😉
Other podcast application allow to add podcast.

Why Deezer doesn't ?

How the sélection of podcasts are made ?

Why just a few of the podcasts of a given radio are available ?

It is too bad to have to use an other podcast application whereas Deezer has the podcast finition !
Hi there @loupapy

For more info on how to add podcasts, please see here 😉

This would be a great idea but we need the approval of the podcaster to display a podcast on Deezer, therefore this idea is marked as not implemented. 🙂 The best thing to do is to get in touch with the podcaster and send them this link:

Some areas are not covered by Deezer podcast but I think we need to have ability to add RSS feed as providers share them publicly. It is my choice what I want to hear in app and won’t be re-distributed as configuration will be stored locally. Don’t know why it stucked in development! Deezer has no support of shows in Poland...messy. In this area Spotify and Itunes are much better.

Thank you for your honest feedback @SzymonKw. It has to do with territorial rights, but I'll take your comments to the right teams here at Deezer :thumbsup_tone2:

I don’t understand needed permissions from the artist to appear? I have private RSS feeds for podcasts from Patreon that other happs handle no problem.

After the carousel of different streaming services I’ve tried since Google Play Music, I’ve found Deezer to be the best and closest in functionality. I really, really wish there was more of a podcast selection, or the ability to add RSS so I can consolidate my music/podcast apps.

That said, I’m no lawyer nor offering legal advice, but at least with Creative Commons licensing, there doesn’t appear to be any requirements for a “podcatcher” to obtain approval from the podcaster if it’s being made public via an RSS feed. Deezer is even listed on the “Podcatchers” Wiki page as a podcatcher! 😄 So maybe something has changed in the 2-3 years this was first requested?
Microsoft Word - Podcasting Legal Guide (Final-updated).doc (

Also, technically you (Deezer) wouldn’t/shouldn’t be advertising/displaying user-added RSS feeds on Deezer, therefor not needing to alert the publisher. They would/should only exist within each user’s profile.

I do see how this could still be a problem IF a user tried adding a paid-subscription RSS feed they aren’t authorized to be accessing, but surely that could be covered under a few additional ToS  lines?

This is such a huge gap in functionality. Like why even include podcasts if users can’t add their own, like in EVERY other major podcatcher. It’s such an oversight, if you want me to use deezer for podcasts but aren’t offering a comparable library to other providers (through no fault of your own, I get that) then you need to let me add the missing podcasts via RSS. Is the expectation that you should use Deezer for some podcasts and spotify/google podcasts/pocketcasts for others? Why on earth would I do that? I’ll just use the other app for all my podcasts and likely switch to that music streaming service out of frustration at some point as well. The solution seems so simple and the problem seems like a pretty significant one to anyone who uses deezer and listens to a fair few podcasts.


Please !!!! 🙏

Logged in for the first time just to bump this.


This is currently the only thing stopping me from switching to Deezer!


I can have all of my favorite podcasts (including paid tiers) together with music in Spotify, and won’t be likely to switch until I can have everything in one place on Deezer.

Would love to make the switch to higher quality audio but not worth having multiple services to consume my content.





This is really needed and would be worth starting to be a paid member of Deezer!

🤞for a quick solution :-)