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Remote control music on another device

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Hi @hben050

I've moved your comment to our suggestions topic. Thanks for the idea, please vote for it so it can be implemented 😉
kdkd wrote:

Anonymous wrote:

I came from Spotify that already has this feature for a long time, and I miss it.
I like to control the music of the pc using my cell phone, and it would be great if Deezer had this option.

That is a “must have” feature. Spotify has it for years. If the music is playing at my mobile phone connected to my audio receiver, i can control spotify from my other phone when the same account. That’s simple and very functional.

Definitely, That is a "must have" but Deezer does not hear his clients... I used this feature since the old Rdio, the best streaming service of all times. ☹
It would be nice to be able to control playback between connected devices.
You are listening music with your iPad connected to your speakers. And you are working on your computer. You could be able to control the playback on the iPad from the computer.
What i think is needed for multi device syncing is just that simple function. Sync between devices. If I'm looking at my phone with deezer up I'd like to also see what other devices are logged into deezer with my account. With this I could then open up deezer on those other devices and control deezer from my phone remotely. VLC actually has something like this where you can see what's playing in your vlc player and you can control it from your phone. Scrubbing through video or skipping chapters on a bluray has never been so easy. I should just be able open up deezer on phone, select my pc in a list of synced devices, and tell it to play something there.
this would be a great improvement. I switched from spotify and I like Deezer way more, but spotify does have some good features, like this. I have my main sound control station in my basement that runs throughout the entire house. It has a pc connected to it, but it would be nice if I could change songs from my computers upstairs or my phone throughout the house. Thanks!!
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abovebeyond wrote:

Adding a remote control to Deezer Desktop from a wifi devices (phone, tablet)
Use case:
Deezer desktop installed on a PC and connected to a Stereo system with no screen
I want to control it with my phone or tablet (as in Spotify connect)

This is the only feature that preventing me move to Deezer


the most important thing! 👍🏽
Amazon actually has a feature for Amazon Echo devices called „Alexa Cast“. It‘s basically their version on Chromecast or Spotify Connect. Why not integrate that functionality into the Deezer app?

I am evaluating Deezer as an alternative to Spotify and I am used to be able to use the Spotify Android App as a remote. This to prevent yelling to get Alexa to hear you over the potentially loud music. ALEXA NEXT, I SAY NEXT!!!! But also because in some cases language differences make it difficult to use speech to play a song. I've been looking through the app and searching online but I can't find a solution. Am I missing something or is this not supported.

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Hi @DennisN as this is not currently possible there is an idea for this in our ideas forum, that is why I have moved your topic to here. Please vote for it to have a bigger chance of getting implemented.

You can however go into the Alexa app and chose to skip the song from there 😉
Well @Flo.Deezer you guys better get moving then, I see the idea is a year old already and my trial will expire pretty soon 😉
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I can't understand why it takes so much time to add this feature.
iTunes Remote is on the iOS appstore long time ago.

Would be nice not to have a separate app, but a config option on the existing app.
In a bar/in a party/in a gig (headless wifi computer connected to a mixer), the user can change the volume, or the playlist from his/her iOS/Android. No need to run to the computer corner…..
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PLEASE tell all your friends with deezer acount to Press LIKE.
Anja wrote:

Hi @Tomek, just fully understand your idea: What would be the advantage compared to using Deezer directly on the TV?

Its 2019 now can we address this again. I use Deezer at work hooked up to a computer with DJ speakers and I'm not always close I/e 300' away if I could use my phone as a remote I could change song or playlist at anytime.
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Good app but unfortunately It's difficult to use computer and screen all the time so good bye for now. Contact me when deezer crew add this feature.
Perfect, spotify has this resource already at long date ago ! Bump!!