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Gapless playback between tracks - Android/Windows

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Cross-fade and Gapless play.....for Deezer like Spotify....????

Add Crossfade to Deezer (Android/Samsung version)...
Im beaging Deezer Support for this already 3 months.
Please do it.
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It appears that Deezer is trying to hide this issue. The top of the pages says this issue has 214 votes, but when I sort the "Got an Idea?" forum by Most Votes this issue doesn't appear: the list skips from "Hifi Family Plan" at 258 votes to "remote control music on another device" at 198 votes.

@Anja Can you tell us why this issue doesn't appear in the list of highest voted issues?
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Hi there @EEAlexHay

I've just searched for it and sorted by number of votes and this topic came on 3rd place. No hiding 😉