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DLNA/UPNP support

  • 8 February 2018
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Selling point of such service is to have it connected via DLNA to local hifi system, I really do not understand why to help competition switch to them?

C'mon this is not "let us upgrade deezer" request, this "do you want to keep current customers or not" kind of request!!!!!!
Ok been 2 years I am painfully pluging-in my phone or laptop to my hifi to listen deezer.
I am fed-up with this and giving a try to spotify right now...
I vote for this feature too!
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Tidal just started playing MQA through android app! And Deezer still can't play through dlna 🙄
I'll also move away from Deezer, it's incredible that this is still not supported whereas all their competitors have it. Your users are asking for this now for more than a year Deezer, or are they not relevant at all? It's pretty basic what we're asking...
I moved to Qobuzz and stream to my onkyo receiver from my android mobile with the apps m-connect or bubble upnp.
User experience is not great but Sound quality is way better, even in mp3 320 kbs.
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Deezer any update?
Hi there, great to see this being so popular.

We will make sure our developers hear about this and discuss it ;)

And how many years do we still have to wait for this?!!??!?
Im in the market for a wireless speaker for the kitchen. My wife don't let me buy anything with a complicated set up option and so far Spotify seems to be available easily through most wireless setups (via the baked in apps). I really don't want to move to Spotify, but you guys are kind of forcing my hand. I'll give it 6 months and then I'm out.
I am also thinking about a change to Spotify. An App without a possibility to stream to dlna-devices is not up to date.

Its really missing.
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sad, but true...
Sad on so many levels… no upnp_dlna-support, no streaming in connected standby etc. no uwp-App for Win10, only that lousy desktop-"app". what a mess. happy for a while with deezer, but now with 3rd-party-uwp-apps only for Spotify on the way back to Spotify. ridicoulos how less interested the developers are...
Au revoir Deezer
Same here I would be very happy If I can stream my music as I want and not being tied to proprietaries systems like Google Cast (which I can't use because I don't have and don't want to have Android media player system) or private and closed systems like Sonos (I understand you prefer partnerships) which will never be kept updated on long term.

I hope you implement DLNA quickly.

Thank you