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Volume normalization

  • 25 November 2017
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I like to listen to Flow on Deezer, but a big problem is that different tracks have different volume. When I am cycling, this is very annoying, as some of my favorite songs play too quiet and all of a sudden another track is played too loud. How do I make Deezer play all songs on the same volume level. I wonder that nobody in Help topics is asking or reporting this problem?

58 replies

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There apps really need volume normalize. One song will be really loud and the next I can barely hear it.
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This needs to be a priority. Lack of volume leveling is why I ditched my google play music subscription after less than a day. Useless at the office.
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yes, count me in as one who believes this should be a priority, but it has to work.... i also subscribe to spotify and the normalization setting they offer is worthless, nothing more than a placebo.
This seems to me as such a basic functionality, so annoying..
The least you could do (or even a better option) - let the users themselves adjust the volume per track manually on their playlists.
So if I have a playlist say with 20 songs, and 2 of them are playing too quietly, I could manually boost their volume to match the rest of the playlist
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Hi there, we are working on it, but I can't tell you when exactly this can be done 🙂 Will of course let you know, should there be an update 🙂
I totally agree; I do listen to a lot of classical music with is very soft, but normal pop songs are normal/loud. Especially in the car audio system this causes the music to be distorted.
We use Audio Normalizer by Solar Wind. Every day it is necessary to normalize a lot of tracks for the radiostation. This is the most convenient program!
Does somebody know whether the volume normalizer function has been implemented somewere on desktop web version?
Any update on this? Seems like the link to up vote comes up with page not found..
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Thead How to normalize volume of tracks? was moved into this one so it's easier for us to keep track of the demand for this feature, make sure to vote for it 😉
Yes, I’m voicing my opinion here too because I agree that volume normalisation should be a standard feature , even a radio station which is free, doesn’t have this issue. Please include volume normalisation feature into deezer

Both Spotify and Tidal have this very basic and useful feature. Are you planning to add this anytime soon??

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Hi @Eli.Barbie , please see and vote on this topic 🙂 We are passing the feedbacks on to our devs 😉

So I noticed very annoying problem. Sometime there is significant loudness difference between albums/tracks. Is there any way to activate replay gain on Deezer (especially on Mac, since windows appears to have such feature build in). It is kind of standard feature of every music player but Deezer seems to be missing it.
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@Ryszard this idea seems to address your issue - vote for it !! 🙂
Hello, this is a very basic functionality even a default android player has, we need it.
I agree, volume normalize works well on Spotify. If Deezer don't introduce this soon, I shall switch back to Spotify when my Deezer trial expires.
I got this issue today that different tracks of same artist have different volume level and I have to change volume of each track all the time. It was okay before.
Okay, I've just noticed that I acidentally checked the "Equalise volume" checkbox in Settings.😅
I unchecked the option and the volume level became equal for each track again.
How is this not a priority, especially this is a subscription based app?
Ridiculous that Deezer doesn't have volume normalization!
Coming from Spotify this was a negative and unexpected suprise. Hope this to be implemented soon.
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Hi @Gnopps

fyi the beta desktop app has a "Equalise volume" toggle switch on the audio settings 🙂
Badly needed in the Android app! I nearly burned myself spilling my coffee with a sudden loud track!
After 8 months still no volume normalization in the android app. Thx deezer, that you listen to your customer.