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Play music on Sonos from Deezer App

  • 20 November 2017
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I'm finding the Deezer "Plug in" to my Sonos ap difficult to use. I don't appear to be able to find new things and play them from there. I also can't find them in the normal Deezer app and "send" them to sonos. I have to find them in Deezer, set them as favourite, then go in to Sonos to play them. This is unwieldly. It also appears that you can not mark a "Mix" as a favourite meaning I can't play a mix through my Sonos. Any help available??

42 replies

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Hi @Nathalie Marshall, what do you mean by you can't find new things? There is a "picked for you" and "explore" category in Deezer on Sonos.

I agree that it's not ideal that you can only add albums/playlist to the Sonos favourites rather than adding them to your Deezer profile.
I'm happy to pass this on to the team. I will also move this topic to our ideas section since this is not a bug but a feature request 🙂
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Sorry I mean I want to go and find something specific and then play it directly to my sonos without having to make it a favourite and then switch apps. I can't do this in either the Deezer app or the Sonos app Deezer plugin
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Ah ok, I understand. It's not possible to control Sonos from the Deezerapp. But I'm happy to pass your feedback on to the team 🙂
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Play from the Deezer App Straight to Sonos (Wireless Speakers System).
Is one year since I use Sonos, is ok but I really don't like the fact that I have to go through Sonos App to play my Deezer music I really hate it. In fact, I don't use it too much because of that. In the end, I grab my headphones.

My girl uses Spotify and she can play it directly!!! How cool is that?
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Hi Nathalie,
Same problem! Please check and join my Sonos Suggestion Post. Thanks!
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It's the same with Yamaha MusicCast, I have to use Deezer via the Yamaha MusicCast app.

Spotify has "Spotify Connect" which means if your device supports it you can connect directly via their app. Unfortunately Spotify's app is awful and you have to remember a bunch of gestures to get any control of it, I find simple things like clearing the queue, enqueuing songs, making and editing playlists quite a challenge. The prime place of the "Shuffle" button instead of a simple "Play" button was a deal breaker for me. Also Spotify doesn't offer lossless(HiFi) streaming.

I would also prefer to use Deezer with wifi speakers directly, I'll add this under ideas if it's not already there : )
Exactly why I returned my Sonos speakers and got Denon HEOS. Direct connection from Spotify. You can add chromecast audio to your Sonos speakers and this will eliminated the Sonos App
Tidal has it also now. when is it going to reach Deezer?
Agreed, This would be a really good feature!
I wanted to comment regarding Deezer’s integration with Sonos and the fact that the Sonos brand has really moved on and offers some fantastic, innovative, integrations which services like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal have embraced but I sadly feel that Deezer hasn't.

I think Deezer really has an edge over the other services mentioned as not only do you offer lossless streaming (like Tidal) but your music selection, curated playlists and features set you apart from the rest. Having said that, Tidal and Spotify (amongst others) offer control of Sonos from within their native apps, something I would certainly welcome as I know others would.

From the first screen you see when interacting with Deezer on Sonos all the way through to the Now Playing screen, Deezer feels like it’s been left behind. Apple Music and Spotify offer a ‘home page’ with branded imagery, like a splash screen and bespoke buttons, Deezer offers a list! Apple Music offer the artwork and descriptions that go with playlists in the playlist page, Deezer doesn’t even offer the playlist artwork. Right down to the Now Playing screen… Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIn etc… all have the logo at the top of the screen when a song/station from their service is playing, Deezer has nothing. When Apple Music is playing a playlist it says ‘XXXXX on Apple Music’, when Apple Music or Spotify is playing a radio stream it says the same.

I have included images of everything I have mentioned here and would happily test or offer further examples if required but as a real fan and paying subscriber of Deezer I would love to see these additions so you don’t get left behind by the competition.

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Hi @jack_carter94 sorry for the very late reply. We are slowly working our way through all of your ideas. I have moved your topic to this one as it is a duplicate ;)

We appreciate your great input. We are working on this feature, hopefully we have it soon implemented 😉
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Hi everyone, so sorry for the late reply on this! Just to let you know your wishes are heard and we will forward this idea to our developers. I also merged two topics as they were duplicates.

We will update you whenever we have news 😉
We need this. Deezer app is better to control music so I would prefer to play music on Sonos from Deezer app then from Sonos app. Please do this. Especially that Spotify already didi it. ;P
Just adding my 2 cents to this topic as well. I have a multi-room sonos system, Amazon dots and an echo, as well as phones etc. I tried Tidal and Amazon music.

With Tidal, I really liked being able to send what I had on my phone to my headphones or any one of my sonos speakers.

With Amazon, I like that the dots can just play Amazon music, I don't think only the echo can play from other sources maybe.

I like that deezer has a hulu app, as now I can play music from hulu as well. I like the lyrics feature in the deezer app too, but Ilose that plus have to bounce between interfaces when sending to headphones vs. speakers.

I just started my 3 month trial...would love to see this integration in the future. I would probably move to family in the future as I have 3 growing kids to please as well.

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I would like to play directly with the deezer app to sonos speakers. Because that way I can see lyrics and I would not have different playlists.
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Me Too!!! I want to be able to play from the deezer app directly to sonos speakers!!!
I've been waiting for this for the better part of two years.
I hope the Deezer team takes it seriously.
Dear Deezer team: I would like to stream to Sonos directly from the Deezer app!

A rethorical question to your marketing: How do you want your customers to perceive streaming music?

a) my Sonos speakers integrate with internet streaming services?
b) my Deezer app integrates with wireless speakers?

Any news in the topic??
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Hi @jack_carter94 sorry for the very late reply. We are slowly working our way through all of your ideas. I have moved your topic to this one as it is a duplicate ;)

We appreciate your great input. We are working on this feature, hopefully we have it soon implemented ;)

Add Heos system also, please!
Years later 😉
is your agil backlog as long?
are there so many bugs to be patched first?
do you need all your time for operation and no time left for new features?
does your sprints take 12 month instead of two weeks?

sorry- but just tell us if this feature is planned for this year or next year or the year after next year or...
Still no direct play from the Deezer app to Sonos... and no word at all when it might happen... come on don't make me go sign up to Spotify to get this feature, I really like Deezer. 😟
Just to add my voice to those with this request. Spotify, and Google Play Music have this feature which is very practical. I actually prefer to listen to music from Google play music instead of deezer because of this feature, where, not only I cast the music to Sonos but I can chose the room from within the google play music app...
Come on management, get moving,
The solution already exists,
The coding and API are there.. (time consuming hard work)
Just money and contracts... 💩🏁👍

We will also renew if you promise by Xmas 👍🤔😂😂
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This is extremely important and it’s even a deal breaker for me. Spotify does this flawlessly. Please add soon!