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Disable hardware acceleration

  • 28 June 2019
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It would be nice to have the ability to disable hardware acceleration for the windows desktop app.
With it enabled by default people with Gsync monitors (with gsync enabled in windowed mode) have certain issues in the windows client. It practically makes it look like the app is lagging or running at 30 fps. Spotify client has the same issue but they have the ability to disable hardware acceleration.
Thank You.

5 replies

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Hi there @Vent1narc

Thank you for this specific suggestion - it's good to have an outlook about how the app performs on Windows. I've voted for the idea and have passed it on to our Desktop App team 😉
Any updates so far?

I'd like to use the desktop app to capture it on my stream and I can't without disabling this option
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No updates yet @Gabriel Brandão have you thought about using the web version on a browser which can have the option disabled?
That's actually the solution I'm using right now, but I do have to configure it everytime I open the program. I'm looking for a permanent solution, but it's a good solution tho
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Well, thanks for supporting us by giving your feedback @Gabriel Brandão I've already passed it on and hopefully it can be an option in the future 👍🏼