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Create playlist using queue list

  • 8 April 2018
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Sometimes I add a lot of songs from different artists but I can't easily create a playlist based on that.

Sometimes I wanna hear through all albums or most of them from a particular artist and I don't want to manually add all albums again if I want to listen to this collection of songs again.

If the only way to create a playlist is adding manually albums or tracks someone needs to start doing it intentionally.

Creating a playlist based on queue simplifies a lot the process of creating playlists, and makes it possible even if i just started listening to something and I liked the result.

I understand that this is an important creative part of Deezer and integrates the community. So please improve the way we create playlists!

9 replies

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Hi there, this is a great suggestion!

While we are happy to forward this you could also add the songs to a new playlist while you add them to the queue, but I understand how you describe it would make things easier.

Make more users vote for this to get more attention 😉
The fact you had to ask for this really shows how poor the planning within Deezer really is. There are so many features that should have been in the release version that aren't. It's ridiculous!
It would be great if one could save the queue as a playlist.
I agree, it would be really great to save the queue as a playlist. I currently have 119 songs in my queue. It would take forever to save each one to the playlist. Please do it. The sooner the better.

Couldn’t agree more! I built an awesome queue and was real bummed to see I couldn’t save it, so I just abandoned it. Sonos has this ability from queue, check it out for inspiration 🙂.
I just Googled this to find out how to do it - surprised it’s not an actual feature! Please add it Deezer! To the app especially!
Sad that this requires votes to get on the agenda. Someone should have considered it and made it happen already.
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Hey there @ScooterDe

This feature is actually available on Desktop App and Web. We're working on our mobile version. Thank you for all your patience 🤓
This has been a standard simple one click in the Sonos app for years. It is needed in Deezer.