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Asio & wasapi support for desktop

  • 4 December 2017
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Hi. I would be happy to see asio and wasapi support in your windows desktop app. Tidal has this function and in my opinion it really smoothens sound and makes quality slightly better.

56 replies

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And also Exclusive mode on MacOS - thank you.
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This is a very important function for this type of service
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This would be a great addon. This has more function than developing a dedicated Win10 app.
ya seriously, im demoing tidal and deezer right now. if I play the same song on both, tidal blows deezer out of the water. i think asio/bit perfect is the reason. if it was not for flow, which I really like, I wouldnt even consider deezer as right now its more of a gimmick than anything.
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Hi there, thanks for this suggestion.

We are happy to forward this one as it is quite popular 😉
This would really make me subscribe to your service 🙂
I've been recently purchase a subscription to Deezer premium but in this App doesn't had Wasapi support.
If Deezer make a plug-in to add in future should be very good. I need this a lot at the moment. Please add this!
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By hearing Bruce Springsteen's Racing In The Streets original from CD it is a pity to hear this crappy sound from Deezer. So many noise that I thought at first time it was a Vinyl. Hahaha.
Ok let's implement ASIO for sake to hear the original SOUND or I think Deezer HiFi is a fake cause we're not hearing the FLAC file properly.
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Always get goosebumps with Alicia Keys Not Even The King but not with Deezer... Sorry.
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You prevent Sting with Eric Clapton to perform good MUSIC. I get ringing in the ears from hearing It's Probably Me. Such a shame,
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The bass of Mary J. Blige Said and Done normally makes my headphone PUMPING and here? Nothing...
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I would like to hear the VOICE of Christina Aguilera in Army Of Me but impossible to notice her real tone.
I think it is a must have for high quality music listening. This technology grants direct, undisturbed connection between the app and the device, and automatically sets the correct sampling rate for every track. This provides the very best possible sound quality, especially when combined with Deezer Hifi.
This technology is supported by a lot of good quality sound card out of the box.
More info: Here.
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I think my post below is linked to this forum. Gave me a few answers...


I've been listening to Deezer FLAC and Tidal FLAC for some time now and been comparing them on a PC with Dragonfly Red, Magni 3 and Sennheiser HD 650 setup. I've also tried the V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless for reference cans. The thing is I can't shake the feeling that Tidal FLAC (Not MQA) is a lot cleaner, balanced, spacious and detailed as compared to the Deezer FLAC. So I am thinking, is it just me or are others out there who can concur?

I mea I really like Deezer for its innovative app design and features... But shouldn't sound quality be the same or is Deezer's source NOT true FLAC or an upscaled MP3? Is my system doing something to make Deezer Flac sound more like a 320 mp3 when compared to Tidal FLAC. The important part is WHY?? Love to hear the community's thoughts on this...
@Shoaibexpert You're right, Deezer definitely doesn't sound like real FLAC. Tidal does.
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@rsbyrs Thanks for concurring. Now the question is if Deezer enables the Wasapi or ASio on Windows PC in the future - that is if they decide to listen to their customers, would the quality at par with the Tidal FLAC? I mean do both FLACs contain the same details in the music data and Deezer just isn't being relayed properly due to a system limitation or is it just that Deezer's FLAC is sub-par... That remains to be far... Im thinking of moving to Tidal as Deezer FLACs sound fake, plain and simple. @Flo.Deezer You need to fix this... I have been your customer via another Deezer account for close to 3 years now... And I am walking away!
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hey guys, don't forget to vote for this idea 🙂
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Hi @Rafael. , @Flo.Deezer , @Deezer Feels guys need votes to deliver something that's basic and systemic, already being done with better results by your competitors and should have been done from the start to deliver the so called 'FLAC' experience that you guys are advertising and selling - with premium? The following 3 things are a must if I, at least am going to continue to choose Deezer over your competitors:

  1. Enable FLACs on Android and Apple Store Apps over phone and tabs;
  2. Enable WASAPI and ASIO over computer apps;
  3. Enable MQAs and start building your library towards the future; and
  4. Stay innovative.
That is if you want to keep the 10M+ or so whatever subscribers happy and paying...myself amongst them. I hope to see some progress towards the basics soon...

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Seriously, streaming FLAC without WASAPI or any kind if bitperfect support is not even worth it. You guys need to make that happen.
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I think it's fair to ask since the last comment was 8 months ago if there has been any progress on this request. Deezer support, anything to share?
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No updates on this one at the moment, @djwalter2000 we've been busy preparing other basic but also important features, and Dark Mode too. But our product managers are paying close attention to our ideas forum. Our FLAC catalogue has increased substantially, so that's a good sign 👍🏼
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Thanks @Rudi I'm hopeful that this one works its way to the top of the list soon.

This is truly unacceptable for a highres audio service, let us use our expensive dacs

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Thanks for the feedback @Chris P. I'll let our teams know.

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I would like to have asio and/or wasapi support in your desktop app to get a higher quality sound by sending bit perfect stream to the external DAC.