Random mode or shuffle doesn't work properly

Hello Deezer team

I have paid subscription for Hi-Res, so I’m your customer.

In general, your product is not bad, but for a long time I have one request for you:

please rewrite or change functionality of random mode or shuffle mode in your player for mobile and in web version for desktop.

I have 1688 compositions in my favourite list, and it's not all that I have and want to add to this lisr.

I’m not millenial and I know and love many artists and I have wide  musical preferences.
But I must listen only 20-30 the same compositions every time when I want to listen something different in my list of favourites or into “Flow” mode.
What is a shame?
You have the issue more than 2 years and still nothing for changing the situation?

And I’m not alone with it, look at complains on this forum.
Can you change the algorithm for example in this manner: add internal counter into user metadata for each composition and count each play. And play next time another compositions from list of favourites which have lower counter value. It's simple. Or please use more strong randomize function!

Hire normal programmers!
I understand you may use many variables before make desicion what will be played, like is song in cache or not and another evaluations ...
But what is I customer who doesn't have traffic limitation and I don't against to download as much as possible just do normal RANDOMIZE mode for me and my playlists.
I wrote my requests several times and nothing from your side ... It's shame, it's my opinion.
Do you need to save your customer, let him to stay with Deezer?

Or you already have millions subscribers and opinion of one of their nothing matter?
Or your customer should change music provider, on our market we already have Youtube Music and Spotify ...


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Sadly, I agree with this post. Whatever programming language is being used to develop Deezer, please just call the random() function and everything will be fixed!

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If you want truly Random Shuffle, the YouTube Music is far from it. Do not try it at home.

It plays playlists almost in same order shuffled, ridiculous. I canceled for them and bought Deezer.

You shuffle playlist daily and literally it plays in same order (also their radio function). YTM thing.