In-app update logs.

I think non-intrusive update logs could substanctially improve users indirect experience.

Some examples of what I’m suggesting can be seen in the majority of popular web browsers, notably Chromium Edge & Firefox.

The big picture;

Whenever Edge gets a new feature introduced, or something changed, they’re sure to let their users know what they’ve done. I think this is a really great way of letting users familiarize themselves with the application’s new features and why they’re an upgrade, rather then making people feel alienated by the new changes.

(optional) Execution;

This is how I would personally incorporate this new feature into Deezer, considering what would benefit the consumer the most while making sure that everything doesn’t go under the end-user’s radar.

If people choose to enroll in an optional beta program, they’ll receive in-app notifications about the new update when they open the app to a new update. A somewhat flashy, but to the point and not overwhelming popup being the base idea and inspiration.


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