First song of playlist always plays in loop when skipping

  • 6 September 2018
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Almost every time I try to listen some songs on Deezer I've got the same problem. I launch a playlist, the first song got well played but at the end of the first song it just stop, it doesn't go to the next song. When I try to get the next song manually it just repeat the first one. What should I do ?
(excuse me, english isn't my native language )
Thank you for your help.

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32 replies

Have the issue recurring on the Windows desktop client  4.32.20

Flow plays the below listed Pendulum track endlessly:

If I choose Don’t play this track it by tapping the unhappy face button… Deezer acknowledges that it won’t play it again, then plays again. Again and again.

You can see I’ve disallowed this track as below, yet it is still stuck in its loop:

2020 was a real Groundhog year and Deezer ain’t helping :wink:

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Sorry about that @thwartedEfforts 

Is it the exact same version of the track? If yes, keep skipping when it shows up - Flow should start making new recommendations. And obviously, keep adding more tracks to your favourites as well, it also helps!


Please I have a problem regarding this topic. I am unable to play other songs after the first one. If I try to change it manually, the song repeats itself. It occurs both on the internet as well as the app. 

My laptop is a Lenovo YOGA 710 and I use google chrome.

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Hey @Cforever1 

Thanks for letting us know, sorry for the inconvenience. Do you have a free or a paid subscription?

Could you please try clearing cache + cookies from your browser? There's a similar problem with the desktop app at the moment but via web it should be fine.

Hey @Rudi 

I have a free subscription on deezer. 

I will try to clear my cache and cookies on my browser. Thank you.

Hello @Rudi

I checked on the browser and it is working.

Thank you for helping me.

I have this problem in the up-to-date Samsung TV app, paid family account.

I put on the ‘Flow’ mix, and it displays various songs, but is actually playing the first song from the mix rather than that song being displayed, again and again.  If I skip ahead and then back, it will play the proper song being displayed.  Not the most convenient way to listen to a mix!