First song of playlist always plays in loop when skipping

  • 6 September 2018
  • 14 replies

Almost every time I try to listen some songs on Deezer I've got the same problem. I launch a playlist, the first song got well played but at the end of the first song it just stop, it doesn't go to the next song. When I try to get the next song manually it just repeat the first one. What should I do ?
(excuse me, english isn't my native language )
Thank you for your help.

14 replies

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Hi there, and have you checked if the repeat button is enabled by any chance?
yep ^^ it doesn't keep playing the same song , it play one song and stop. then when i click on the next song it shows me the next song but plays the previous one instead.
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Hi again, what's the device (model) this happens on? Also is it connected via bluetooth by any chance?
hi, thank you for your interest on my problem. I'm on a Mac , no bluetooth. with Chrome.
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Thanks for getting back to us 🙂 So I just tested it and had no issues on Chrome. Are there any extensions or addons enabled in your browser? Such as Adblock or a VPN?

I have the same problem, I don’t know what to do:(((

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Hello @Danninnnela, this topic is pretty old, so I’m not sure you issue is related. Tell me, on which device do you have this issue, and is it on a browser or an app? If the latter, what is the version of the app?

Thanks you for reaching out to us

Same problem here! it started 2 weeks ago and i can’t find a solution

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Hey @eflorezc 

In which platform/app is this happening? Could you please give us a bit more detail so that we can best help you? :thumbsup_tone2:

For the last two weeks, when I log into Deezer and click on ‘Listen’ in my playlist, it plays the first song then ‘Pauses’ itself.  If I click on the next song or any other song, the player insists on playing the first song in the list over and over.  I listen on a desktop through Google Chrome browser.  Apparently, other members are having the same issue.

Please HELP!

Thank You!


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Hello @WildIrishRose777, does that happen on a specific playlist?

Thanks for the feedback

Hi Kevin Deezer,  The errors on any playlist not specific to certain one.

Thanks for your interest!

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Hello @WildIrishRose777, thanks for getting back, sorry about this inconvenience :slight_frown: Have you tried on another browser as well?

Hi Kevin Deezer,  

I could not even log through IE and at work I am limited to Google Chrome and IE.