Disable "Your computer seems to be offline" message when blocking *

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Deezer on desktop shows a “Your computer seems to be offline” message every few minutes consistently. It makes requests to ““ at the same time. Functionality for the user is not impacted but I still get this annoying message every time. I don’t want to allow whatever metrics you’re tracking and Deezer isn’t offline. Stop showing me this.

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I have the same problem here and I came to the same conclusion: the banner appears when the app fails to connect to Braze’s server, which I think is some kind of a tracker and thus I’ve intentionally blocked it too.

I’ve also tried to reject all third party vendors from the app’s Privacy Settings screen but that makes no difference, since Braze actually isn’t listed on the (very long) list at all!

I blocked the with Pihole. “Your computer seems to be offline” also appears.

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It probably helps to disable your adblocker in your browser for Deezer which you don’t need as a Premium user anyhow.

Yep tracking stuff is a disgrace. You should have the OPTION to not be tracked like this. And this is not only a browser problem but also the PC app.

It probably helps to disable your adblocker in your browser for Deezer which you don’t need as a Premium user anyhow.

For some users though, it isn't about blocking ads but blocking tracking, which Deezer does regardless if you're a Premium user or not.


You should have the OPTION to not be tracked like this.

That should be the default option, even!

Come on Deezer, ask for the user's consent for this stuff. Stop connecting to Braze without asking, add Braze to the "Privacy Settings" screen and explain in there what they use our data for, so that the user can make the decision whether to allow it or not, and stop degrading the user experience for those who don't consent.

Well, I just might go back to Tidal HiFi.

Got the same problem. I’ve contacted Support about this as well with a link to this post.

After a trial of Deezer and Tidal, I went Tidal because of this error and not being able to remove it, even whitelisting

But Tidal is pushing too much Rap and co that I don’t like, even after a few monthes it still try to push music I don’t like. Flow/Moods are a lot better on Deezer.


I have done some network logging to see what Deezer is doing, and found this:


So it seems that we need to whitelist this fastly address to remove the banner.


I still am disappointed that Deezer is sending data to Braze without consent. Should not be legit in Europe...

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Hi @Shadowan thanks for raising this.

Braze is a solution that allows businesses to communicate with their users and customers.
At Deezer, we only use Braze for sending emails, push notifications and in-app messages to our users. We don’t use this solution for tracking purposes and we don’t use this solution to share your data with third parties.

You can opt-out from emails and push notifications in your app settings (Settings > Notifications).
As you have noted, we can use trackers and cookies — but only with your consent — for measuring our audience, analyzing how our service is used, and also for displaying targeted ads on Deezer or third-party properties.

Should you refuse cookies and trackers, we will only display personalized ads on Deezer and we will not be able to track you on third-party apps or websites.

You can consent or object to such use in your cookie settings (Settings > Ads and analytics).
We hope that this clarifies and remove any concerns you have. 

Thank you @Leonídia.Deezer  for the detailed answer.

Issue is that even if I opted out of everything in the settings, Deezer still tries to connect with Braze. Would not be an issue if there is no data sent to them, and there may not be a banner showing an error trying to connect to Braze making us worry about data leakage, Braze being a known tracker destination for a lot of apps.

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Hi @Shadowan, thanks for your reply and apologies for my late answer.

I just shared with the team your feedback.

Hope they can answer me soon so I can return to.

Have a great week.