Deezer can't go to the next song of any playlist

Hello all,

I have a recurring problem with Dezeer player on Firefox and Google Chrome, and on Deezer app for mac OS X.

Everytime I want to listen a playlist, either one of my playlists, an entire album or any playlist "inspired by...", Deezer keeps playing the first song of the playlist again and again, and can't go to the next song. When I clik on the "next" button, it stops playing, and restart the song... just as if there were only one song in the playlist.

The only playlist that works correctly is the flow... That's very frustrating. I tried to empty cache and cookies of my navigators, but it didn't solve the problem.

Have anyone got this problem and solved it ?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi there @marlénou

Have you checked if you're logged on with the correct account details for your Family subscription? We haven't had other users reporting something of this nature. Let me know!
Hi @Rudi ,

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I am connected using my sister's account. When I use her profile or other profiles - excepted mine - on the same account, Deezer works perfectly fine. There's only a problem with my profile.
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Hi there @marlénou

Under her account, is her profile the master one?
Which profile is your one?

I have the same problem, i’ve tried all posible solutions mentioned in the web but there’s no solution that works

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Hello @eflorezc, on which device do you have that issue?