Error on a song in Deezer, report it here

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@Jaime. Ik bedoel het resultaat dat Song Catcher geeft als je het nummer “Spirit” van Toydrum laat horen.  Resultaat is dan “Invitation to Worship Part I” en dat is fout.

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Hey @G(h)od(st) 

For issues like that, please write on this thread:

Also, try clearing the app's cache and trying again. If it doesn't work, please post the links for the content and we'll happily take a look at it!



Sounds like this track is skipping around the 1 minute mark:

The song Babylon by 5 Seconds of Summer randomly skips ahead at 1:44, and then again at 2:11



When Deezer had to recognize the song “Spirit” from “Toydrum” (on the album “Evangelist”) it produced an incorrect result, it showed “Invitation to Worship Part I” from “Evangelist George”.  Quite different from “Spirit”...

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Hey @OutdatedDZ can you please provide the URL again as there was an unexpected error.

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Thanks for reporting it @Joshy Ricou I've passed the info to our catalogue teams :thumbsup_tone2: