Why are my favourite tracks on Deezer are not downloading?

Not downloading*


Hi all! I recently added a couple of tracks to favourites, but alas, they aren't downloading. Never happened before.


Before you ask:

- Yes, I am on, WiFi and it's working.

- Yes, I have the download toggle switched to green.

- It doesn't download on cellular either. 

- Yes, I have enough storage space on my device. 

- Smart cache is > than Deezer files size. 


I would rather refrain from cleaning the cache completely, as it will take me hours to download everything again. 


Thanks in advance for all your suggestions and workarounds, I really appreciate it! 


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Hi @Olga.Ivanova 
Can you please login to your account from a computer and check if the songs were added to your favourites in the web version.
Have you tried adding other songs to favourites and see if it works? Might be the case that the tracks that you mentioned are not available in your country and won’t download.
Please let me know :nerd:

Hi @Jaime.!

Thanks for your suggestions! I really don't think these apply to my issue though. 


The songs are in my favourites, both in the app and the Web version. And they aren't greyed out, so they should be available. Before that, I updated my playlist a 3 weeks ago or so and the downloads worked 🤷‍♀️

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Hi there @Olga.Ivanova 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

What version of our app and OS have you got installed? Have you checked for updates?

I know you're avoiding to download everything again and I agree that would be a pain. So please give a bit more info and I'll check this with our devs :wink:

Hi @Rudi , thanks for jumping in on this!


Here's the device info:

Android Version: 28 / Android 9

EMUI 9.1.0

Device Manufacturer: HUAWEI
Device Model: COR-L29

Deezer version:


Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any other info :) 

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Thanks for coming back @Olga.Ivanova 

Does restarting the app or the device triggers the download of those newly added tracks?

Hi @Rudi !


Nope, nothing happens. 

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Thanks @Olga.Ivanova 

Spoke to our devs, there's a fix in our Beta app at the moment that might be able to solve this issue. Hang in there a bit longer and let me know once the updated app reaches you next week or so :thumbsup_tone2:

Hello I also have this problem! Not downloading or downloading verrrryyyyy slowly and then after 2 songs it doesn't work. 

I tried everything above already, also uninstall and reinstall app, delete everything and start over, smart cache > file size. Help plz. 

Most updated android and Huawei P30 lite

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Hello I also have this problem! Not downloading or downloading verrrryyyyy slowly and then after 2 songs it doesn't work. 

I tried everything above already, also uninstall and reinstall app, delete everything and start over, smart cache > file size. Help plz. 

Most updated android and Huawei P30 lite

Have you tried if it loads any better on 4G LTE connection?

Also worth noting today that if you are using Wifi 2.4 GHz, it may be slower than the better Wifi connection mode which is 5 GHz. Make your devices and routers Wifi AC compatible now for fastest possible smooth Deezer download speeds for your nicest Offline collection. Try these tips out.

In this day and age it is recommended to have at least 10 Mbps of internet bandwidth for one if you are basic user and 50 Mbps of that if you are heavy in downloads. Also I would recommend to change your routers. I personally serve customer with any problems IT and many times customers were about to blame provider for low speed running faulty or old routers in their house. I recommend to change routers and modems every 3-4 years, even expensive ones, 4 years max.

I’ve seen greatest download improvements not only on Deezer Premium, but in browser and in other apps as well, as soon as I got my devices to use 5 GHz only shared from my new cable router.

Hope this helps, my friend.

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Is that happening on Android 11 @devinmartensolzman? Please confirm, it could be a problem we're already looking into. But please also follow @hpguru's advice above :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi both, 

Thanks -- Unfortunately I am in an airbnb so I can’t change the router too easily. However, I tested the issue with my flatmate who also has deezer and she does not have the problem when using the same wi-fi (from the same location away from the router). She also has a Huawei. It makes me think that rather this is an issue with my account or something. At the moment I also have Spotify (I was in the process of changing from Spotify to Deezer) and Spotify seems to download everything fine, and this is for both the desktop app as well as the mobile app. Furthermore there is a lot of ‘skipping’ with the deezer app, even when on ‘standard’ quality, whereas spotify is running smoothly both on mobile and desktop, so I was thinking something is not quite right.

@Rudi I have andriod 10 on my phone. 


Looking forward to your feedback!



Most of the albums I’ve downloaded on my iPadpro tablet are not showing. Many times I who’ve downloaded them many times and only 24 out of at last 70 show on my downloaded list. I have enough storage space. This has never happened on any of my other devises. That isn’t normal and actually it’s quite annoying. Thanks in advance for your help.


Another possible issue that I thought of is that either my VPN (Nord) or my firewall/security apps (Malwarebytes & Windows Defender / Firewall) is messing with the app. I wanted to try to allow it but was unable to find the .exe file easily on my computer. Since the only way to download deezer is through the windows store (I assume?) I was not able to easily find the .exe file. It’s not in C / Program Files or C / Program files x86 or in the deezer folder. 



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Hey @devinmartensolzman 

We don't officially support VPNs, so you're probably onto a good trail there.

However, I thought this could help you out:


Was there a solution to fix the problem with favorites not downloading?

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We're working on this for our next releases @Dan CT please keep the app updated!

Will do, thanks.

Same problem here on LG Velvet over WiFi. Is there a solution in sight?

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We're looking into this @Francisco Grings please bear with us a bit longer!

Thanks for your support so far :relaxed:

I don’t know how this works, but I went to my holiday home in another town with different (much slower) wi-fi and suddenly my songs started to download. I don’t know if there was maybe an update of Deezer in between, but now all my songs are downloaded.

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Usually which helps me in download is to swipe down twice on playlist which does not load all tracks. In a while it will download. I hope Android team will make this bug away. Thanks :)

I have a really really slow net at my home. I mean people are using nowadays 1 Gbps internets and I am like 10 Mb guy who just can’t wait for Offline to download on Deezer. Haha I’m saying.

When it finally loads, I think it loads pretty quick, so I like my free net :)

I do not mind it “slow” or not in “norms” as I get it included in rent. I do not rush in a hurry to pay more for speed I do not need. I just hope Deezer will make lists load much much faster Offline.

There is literally big delay, even days before it loads.

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That actually makes a lot of sense @Dan CT our devs have been unable to reproduce certain issues because they could be related to users' connection issues.

Thanks a lot for reporting, all insight is welcome and helpful.

You're welcome .@Rudi.

Hi there, I am also facing this issue as well on my smartphone. The new songs just wont download, even though there is a download notification appearing, it'll just go away seconds later, and the songs remain not downloaded.

so i uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it for me, which worked. Now, the problem is that when I tick the box that says download using cellular data, it will prompt me to subscribe to deezer family, even though I am on HiFi already. very strange.