Discographies?? (android)

  • 10 March 2023
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Deezer takes my 10.99 today and subsequently the discographies of every single artist are gone. Lol 🤦 cleared everything, reinstalled, no luck. - not a beta tester. The heck is going on? 😵‍💫


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5 replies

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Gone from where? 


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Hey @wormpriest 

The bug is known, the developers are already working on the bug fix, so that the discography will soon be fully visible again.

Unfortunately, the bug was already in the beta versions (at least up to 7.0.25) and has now migrated to the stable version (7.0.24). 😑

Ahh, noted! Appreciate the info 👍

To add more info - some discographies are visible, some - not…

In my case - I catch only ‘Okean Elzy’ / ‘Океан ельзи’ artist (music band) with lost discography. And it was there not so long time ago))


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Thank you for the info @Andre.N! Appreciate it! 🙏🏼