Chromecast disconnecting with app

  • 9 November 2023
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When using the Chromecast feature, I used to be able to use the next and previous arrows in the notifications dock and on my pixel phone. Now if I try that, the UI in Deezer freezes and shows the wrong song is playing. Nothing can stop the issues except disconnecting from the Chromecast. There are also a few issues even with just using the app itself where after a few songs, the UI will freeze and become unresponsive to changing the song. And again I have to disconnect to make the app work again. This used to work before the new UI update.


Anyways, I know that there have always been latency issues before, but I’m now just asking for it to work at all since that’s how I mostly listen to Deezer 🙏🏻

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4 replies

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Hi @bdsa, sorry to hear about your recent experience with the Chromecast feature, where the UI freezes and shows the wrong music playing.

We're already aware of the issue with the next and previous arrows in the notifications dock since the last update. Our developers are actively working on a fix.

Thank you for sharing these issues with us. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

I have the same issue, pixel7 pro. It's compounded by that fact that when I open Deezer to use the app instead of notifications dock, the wrong song shows as playing, then I can't even use the app to change songs. 

Please please just fix android versions. Despite the higher music quality, the usability issues are getting worse instead of better. And I'm just getting ready to go back to another provider. It's that bad. 

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@Angelboy666 - Unfortunately it seems that the Android app doesn’t get as much love as the iOS app. I think part of the issue is that Google allows pure webapps to be in the store and Apple forces developers to make a more native app. Which makes companies dismiss the need to make a more native app for Android. I don’t think anything will happen about the issues we are seeing on Android. I wish Deezer would prioritize making a proper Android app on par with iOS, because I love Deezer the best out of all music streaming services. I just can’t handle their mobile app anymore, so I think I’m out.

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Chromecasting from the app breaks for me 100% of the time. It takes just a few songs, or switching to another app for a little bit and Deezer becomes unresponsive to any of the controls.