2 recent issues that I can't stop

  • 10 May 2023
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I’ve been a Deezer Premium subsriber for around 8 years now and never had a problem but in the last few months I am starting to get really fed up to the point I’m thinking of binning Deezer and going elsewhere.

I utilise the ‘Flow’ feature almost all the time but for some reason in the last few months it is almost unusable.  It plays cover versions of almost everything despite me hitting the dislike button at all of them.  If I suddenly decide I like a certain song, for example a rap song, and listen to that in its entirety the next 20-30 tracks are suddenly all rap.  If I listen to a whole Metallica song the next 20-30 tracks are all heavy metal and so on for whatever music genre I have listened to.  Half the time I’ve never heard of the bands or artists the ‘Flow’ is playing.  Before this it always loved how it worked and 99% of the time I knew and was really happy with the flow selection.

In the last two weeks when plugging my phone in to the car and using Android Auto deezer connects straight away and starts playing as it should but no matter I listen to, be it ‘Flow’, favourite tracks, albums or anything there are adverts in between every few songs.  Why?  I pay for premium which is no ads yet as soon as android auto is running I get ads on absolutely any music choice.

From research I can’t reset the Flow without cancelling and deleting my account and starting again.  The Android Auto problem I have no idea why it’s doing it.

Why after 8 years of problem free use is Deezer now behaving like this.  Does anyone have solutions?



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Hello @atlantic3292

about Flow I would suggest following the tips and tricks suggested here to fix it: 


About Android Auto, could you please log out from the Deezer account and log back in? 

It seems like it’s not reading your subscription. You could even be connected to another account that has no sub.