I've paid for Deezer but I'm still being asked to subscribe/ Paid but still Free

I've paid for Deezer but I'm still being asked to subscribe/ Paid but still Free
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Have you paid for your subscription? Are you still seeing adverts and being asked to subscribe? :free:
Do not panic and please try the following quick fixes.

Have you just set up your payment? :calling:

Sometimes, it can take a few minutes for the system to update your account status after making a payment.
Please wait a couple of minutes and then follow the steps below to log out and then log in again.
On the app:

  1. Tap on Favorites :heart:
  2. Tap on Settings ⚙
  3. Then click on My account
  4. And then Log out

To log out of deezer.com and desktop app, click on your profile picture (top right)  and select Log out.

There may be a problem with the payment :credit_card:

It’s really easy to see if there has been a problem with your payment: check your email!
We’ll let you know if anything hasn’t worked.

You can also check your bank statement to see if you were charged by Deezer. If not, chances are there was a problem with the payment and you can just subscribe again.

Has the subscription expired? :stopwatch:

Have a quick look on your Subscription page for any notifications:
On the app:

  1. Head to Favorites :heart:
  2. Tap on Settings ⚙
  3. click on My account
  4. Then click on Manage my subscription

On Deezer.com and Desktop app:

  1. Click on your profile picture (top right)
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Your subscription plan information will show when you click on Manage my subscription

Logged in with the right account? :thinking:

It’s possible to create multiple Deezer accounts, you just need a different email address for each account. Please check that you’ve logged in with the correct account that has your paid subscription.

If you’re not sure which email you used to create an account, an easy way to test is:

  • Try recovering the password for each of your email addresses
  • If an account exists, you’ll be sent an email with a new password.

If you paid via Itunes, please check this topic 


Still not working?  🚨 :sos:

Sometimes a bug might come up. Have a look at our News and Announcements section just in case something is affecting you. Otherwise, contact our Deezer Support Team.

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I have the same issue, and your support is the worst support i have ever had to deal with in my life. Are these robots or real people? I am so frustrated and there is no way to live chat or call you guys. I have paid through the app store but i get the free version in the app. When i try to re-subscribe, it says i already have a subscription. I am stuck and i NEED YOUR HELP. 

Pagué y activé deezer con tigo colombia y sigue apareciendo “free”, qué hago?

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Pagué y activé deezer con tigo colombia y sigue apareciendo “free”, qué hago?

Please contact our Support here: 


Hi. I have a deezer account. It is paid but once accessed it asks me to choose a subscription. If I choose one it says it is already linked to my acc and then I am stuck. Please help

I want to complain because you have terminated my premium subscription!My money is regularly deducted from my account and you have canceled my subscription. Please solve this problem! Thank you

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Hey there @suzana herceg and @Stiaan.Cloete

Please contact our Support  for all issues linked to your payments. 

For security reasons we can not help you here, as it is a public forum :) 

Hi I have a deezer premium account and suddenly it doesn't work. It's said I have a free account and Some of my new songs are gone. Whats going on. 

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Hey @ElmienR, we had an outage the other day, but it has been fixed. 

If the problem persists please contact our support here: https://support.deezer.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new

Hi. I have annual subscription from 7/13/2022 but in Subscription Plan see "Deezer Free". I already tried relogin and reinstall app (


I’ve paid for my subscription 2days ago and yet I am on free mode. I logged out and in over and over and nothing changed.

Hi, my payment usually goes of around the 24th but it went off 4th of July and for the past few days it is asking me to subscribe, why?

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hey @Letitea 

just about everyone here on the forums are fellow subscribers such as yourself, and therefore do not have access to your account. I would suggest opening a ticket with deezer support and they can try to resolve the issue with you.

here is the link → https://support.deezer.com/hc/en-gb

Hi I can’t access my service but I’ve paid I can show proof