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Enjoy all the advantages of Deezer Premium for half the price with Deezer Student!


Am I eligible for Deezer Student?

You must be a student between 18 and 25 years old enrolled at a college or university, based in Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom or the United States (more countries to come).


How long can I enjoy this offer?

The discount period lasts for a full year and can be renewed up to 3 times as long as you are qualified for this offer, which means it is possible to enjoy it during up to 4 years in a row.

During the last 6 weeks of the discount period, several emails are sent to remind you to re-verify your student status, don’t forget to check your spam folder!


How do I subscribe to this offer?

Go to the Deezer Student page and follow the steps! You may be asked to provide one of the following documents: a school certificate, a student ID card scan, a transcript or a registration/tuition receipt.


I’ve already got a Deezer subscription, can I switch to Deezer Student?

Sure thing, cancel your current subscription, and subscribe to Deezer Student once your account is back to the Free offer.


My Deezer subscription was cancelled! Why?

  • There might have been a payment issue, make sure your payment card doesn’t expire in the next 3 months
  • You forgot to renew the offer at the end of the discount period. As a reminder, several emails are sent to remind you to re-verify your student status, don’t forget to check your spam folder!


More information about this offer on this article and the terms of use.

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Hello, I’d like to subscribe to the student Offer but I can’t because it tells me that I can’t have access to this offer and I have to pay the « normal » one. 
It don’t even asks me for a « scolarity proof paper ». 

Can you help me please?

I am 19, and student at the ISG Business School in France.

Thanks in advance

Best regards 

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Hello @berenice0810, make sure your birthday date on Deezer corresponds to the real one, that could be the reason why you cannot access it. If that’s not the case, just get back to us :slight_smile: I’ve move your message to this topic with the most common questions regarding the Deezer Student offer.

Have a nice day


My request for the student offer has been approved, I received it by email. 

When I click on the link I can’t pay and on my account I can’t find the student offer.

Can you please send me the process to get my student offer and to pay ?

I’m in Australia.

Thank you.


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Hello @meloody.s, I think the reason is that you probably applied for the Student offer from France and that you’re now in Australia? The process can be a bit tricky, I think you should get in touch with our customer support team so that they have a look at your account and provide you with some help.

Have a nice day and enjoy Australia :slight_smile:

Hi :) 

I just wanted to know, why doesn't South Africa have Deezer Student anymore. Is there anyway it can be brought back. 


Kind regards 

Broke Student Kay 

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@Karabo.Kekana Hello Broke Student Kay (I’ve been there :slight_smile:), it should be back already, as you can see in the article, your country is part of the list of eligible countries for the offer. Don’t hesitate to get back to us if that’s still not the case for you, you can also have a look at the article above for the most common questions about the Student offer.

Have a nice weekend!

i have been sent my renewal email for student subscription but i can't renew it as my college has became ineligible for some reason. How can you justify this? I've been using the student subscription for 2 years at the same institution so what has happened?

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First I would check the following : 


  1. Ask your institution if they know something about it . 
  2. If you are above the age of 25 you won’t be eligible for the offer . See below : 

To qualify for Deezer Student, you must be:

  • Enrolled at a college or university in an eligible country (this also applies to study abroad students).
  • Aged between 18 and 25 years old.
  • Based in: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom or the United States
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Hello @Helen2386, we do not decide which college is eligible or not, we work with our partner SheerID. However it does sound strange, you got a message saying explicitly this was the reason why you couldn’t subscribe? Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team so that they can have a look, and feel free to let us know how it goes.

I recently had to get a new card as i had lost my old one and i forgot to update it on deezer. now when i try to activate a student plan with my new card it says ‘you are no longer eligible for this special offer’ dispite having only used this offer for a few months

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Hello @mcarthy, sorry about this, please get in touch with our customer support team regarding this issue.

I’m having trouble to get the Deezer Student. I got the e-mail that says I’m eligible and all set for Deezer Student, but when I click “Finish signing up” nothing happens. My account doesn’t atualize or anything.

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Hello @Mandu , sorry about that, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Hi there,

according to the requirements I do qualify for Deezer Student, but unfortunately I don’t even see this option on my phone. When I came to check here, I followed a link to this website. When I click Try it now, I get a message saying You are already subscribed to Deezer Premium. You will be redirected to your music feed.”

Of course I’m a Premium member, cos I haven’t even heard this student option until now :smile: But that shouldn’t disqualify me for Deezer Student, should it? (I cancelled my Premium subscription now to see if it makes any difference, but it doesn’t, so I restarted it)

I saw this Note: If you've subscribed to a Deezer offer or trial in the past, you will not be eligible for Deezer Student - trial like the one month free trial e.g.? I think I’ve used the one month free trial, but that’s all. 

Can you please help me if and how can i get the Deezer Student?

Thanks in advance :pray_tone3:

So. I have cancelled my premium subscription because i cant afford it anymore. I am enrolled at a college in South Africa. Does anyone know when the student plan will be available in South Africa ???

The student offer in lebanon doesn’t appear on the site and am not able to find it ! I wanna subscribe to it otherwise i will not be able to use  deezer anymore 


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Hi there @Janco 

Deezer Student is now available in South Africa, but you might have to create another account to subscribe for it. The same could apply to you as well @Diána Mikoly. Please check our updated article here and speak to our customer support team if necessary :v_tone2:


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Hello @ahmad mell, it’s not available yet in Lebanon as you can see in this article, but we hope to make this offer available soon in more countries.

Aloha Deezer Staff,

I subscribed to the Deezer Student Offer and I pass the verification test.

Accidentally I blocked my debit card for online payments and so my Deezer Student subscription has returned to Free (Payment Failed/Blocked)

If I try to change payment methods to fix this problem, I can only subscribe to Premium…


I read that I cannot resubscribe to the Students offer, but I only mess up one thing and now I have to pay almost twice. I think this is too limiting, I hope for more flexibility.


I really apologize myself and I request you if there is some way to fix this issue to resubscribe to Deezer Student.


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Hi @Stefano Giannini I am sorry to hear that. As you already read, this is a one time only offer and you won’t be able to resubscribe.
I’ll pass the feedback to our Payment team.
Apologies for the inconvenience

I have applied for the student discount on deezer premium how long does it take for them to make a decision 

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Hi @NathanMcIlwaine2000 when did you submit your application as it might take a few days, but I can’t confirm an exact number of days on how long will it take to hear back from  us with a confirmation.
Please check your spam folders too in case the email ended up there.
Thanks :)

Hi, I have a problem with my student subscription, I accidentally canceled it and now I can't resubscribe to that plan. Is there a way to get the student subscription again?, I just could enjoy it for one month):


My free subscription is already finished and is already deducting my card. Can you pls check why? Badly needed it and pls refund my lost days.

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Hi @José Arturo if the Student subscription was cancelled you won’t be able to resubscribe as it is a one time only offer. 
Apologies for the inconvenience.