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  • 7 January 2023
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I have been using Deezer since 2016 based in South Africa and Namibia. My subscription (family plan) went from USD7.49 to a unreasonable USD17.99 over night. I unfortunately have to consider changing service providers as this amount is to high for me. What does @Deezer recommend I do as this is to high for me? 


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3 replies

Hey @Ncedo.Languza 

You should have received an email about the price change.
deezer now offers HiFi sound as standard with all subscriptions. At the same time, prices are adjusted to a uniform level, regardless of a country's general income situation. That means you live in Germany, France, Kenya or Namibia - the prices are almost the same everywhere. 😐

So in other words it's your service and you will do what you like and  if I don't like it I must leave? I think a opin option should have been considered and not in force this on people. 

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I understand that you’re frustrated about the price increase. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for supporting Deezer all these years. The reason that we’ve done it is simple - we want all of our users to have access to HiFi by default. We also want to be able to pay artists more and support the industry better. And we want to be able to continue to bring our listeners like you the music and podcasts they want, no matter if it’s your personal Flow or one of our many different channels, compilations or playlists. 

Prices have not changed in a very long time. The music library has grown from just over 5 million tracks to over 90 million tracks today in a decade. We’ve also continued to invest in features that none of our competitors have. We have Flow and our industry leading recommendation engine, SongCatcher, and a constant stream of content that’s created by our editors (not algorithms).

We hope that you decide to stick around with us and enjoy Deezer as you have been doing for so many years.
Thanks :)