• 19 November 2022
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I am new in deezer and i have the premium for 10,99€ per month. Is there any chance to pay after my login for all the year to have the discount? 




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4 replies

Hey @Dj Leonidas 

Why shouldn't it work?

You go to this page:

Choose the annual subscription:

And click on subscribe.

Then you confirm your bank details and you're done.

💡 However, you should do this at the end of the month you have already paid for, as the annual subscription becomes active immediately. 💡

Its seems the offer not exist 

Hi! Its ok got it! I'ved paid for a year but you send me a message that the next payment will be from Google play. It will automatically turn with the payment from the last receipt or i must make a cancelation for the Google play??


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Hey @Dj Leonidas please contact our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to check your account and help with your request.