is it possible to join deezer family with an independent account when deezer free is no longer available

  • 27 February 2023
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I have subscribed for a Family account and sent the invite link to my family member, who has an independent account - now it is Premium account, but subscription has been cancelled and expires within two days.  the instruction says that they have to have a Deezer Free account in order to join a Family. Since Deezer Free is no longer available in my country would it be possible for them to join as an independent account when their subscription expires?


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2 replies

Hey @kotpenelopy 

Even if deezer free no longer exists, you can still log into your own account. The easiest way is via a browser on a computer ( If you then click on the invitation link, you become a member of the family subscription.

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Thank you @dee_dirk! 😁