did you remove my subscription without refunding me?

  • 21 March 2023
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I referred in earlier complaints to the fact that it was a mistake I couldn't afford subscribing to the yearly plan. I've been trying to get my money refunded, but it seemed nothing happened regarding the refund. 

Now however, it seems my subscription WAS cancelled as per my wish, as it says I'm a free customer. But I have NOT received a refund of those circa 100 USD. So you took away the service I accidentally signed up for, but did not refund the actual money? Is this a way to treat a customer at all? I thought I did everything I could to get that refund. Now particularly being downgraded to the free service without the reward of paying services.

It's making me angry and vexed that this could happen. Please explain to me how this is fair. I really need that money, especially if I'm apparently now NOT even getting the services.


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Hello there @Knut.Farstad

could you please contact our Costumer Care team directly here:

They can check your account and explain any payment issues!