Deezer for Google Home in Denmark

  • 4 September 2018
  • 26 replies

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I have had Deezer for several years. I am unable to connect my Google Home to Deezer from Denmark. As thatcis possible with Spotify I am thinking of switching to Spotify.
But before I would like to hear what Deezers plans are on this topic ?
And why it is not possible by default?

26 replies

3 years and nothing new. My wife has Spotify which we use with google home. I have had Deezer for 5 years but we will switch to a Spotify family subscription. Saves money and can be used with google!.

to bad, actually liked Deezer but it is useless with the current limitations. It seems unlikely this will improve over time. Guess 20+ mio people in the nordics is not an interesting market to ensure a proper product.