Deezer for Google Home in Denmark

  • 4 September 2018
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I have had Deezer for several years. I am unable to connect my Google Home to Deezer from Denmark. As thatcis possible with Spotify I am thinking of switching to Spotify.
But before I would like to hear what Deezers plans are on this topic ?
And why it is not possible by default?

28 replies

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Hi @Jonasskafte thanks for sharing this with us.

Indeed this request has been hanging around for ages. But it doesn’t depend only on us. We need Google to make it available in other countries, like Denmark.

I would love to hear more about that advertising that you have mentioned. Can you share links or screenshots?

Last time I heard about this, was from a user in Ireland, where a box of Google Nest was advertising Deezer available there. On that time we sent those information's to Google.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

Dear Deezer Support Team,

I am writing to seek clarification regarding the compatibility of Deezer with Google Home devices in Denmark. As a loyal Deezer user, I have been looking forward to using Deezer seamlessly with my Google Home device, but I understand that it may not be currently possible or planned for Denmark.

I recently noticed that Deezer is still being advertised as compatible with Google Home in Denmark on various platforms. However, based on my previous inquiry and the absence of any official announcements or information, it seems that the integration may not be available in the near future.

I kindly request that you provide me with a clear understanding of the situation. If Deezer is indeed not compatible with Google Home in Denmark, I kindly ask you to consider stopping the advertising of this compatibility to avoid misleading potential users.

While I appreciate the efforts Deezer has made to provide a seamless music streaming experience, transparency regarding regional compatibility is essential for users to make informed decisions. I believe that by providing accurate information, Deezer can continue to build trust and maintain its excellent reputation among its user base.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I would greatly appreciate your prompt response to address my inquiry and clarify the current status of Deezer's compatibility with Google Home in Denmark.

3 years and nothing new. My wife has Spotify which we use with google home. I have had Deezer for 5 years but we will switch to a Spotify family subscription. Saves money and can be used with google!.

to bad, actually liked Deezer but it is useless with the current limitations. It seems unlikely this will improve over time. Guess 20+ mio people in the nordics is not an interesting market to ensure a proper product.

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Why do you advertise this on your website when it’s not supported???

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Dear Deezer,


then put pressure on Google. I assume that they would like people to use their service and not another competitor.


but Deezer - you have to push them! If it can work in some countries it can work in the nordic too.

Same here. Been waiting for years now but nothing happens. Its so sad cause I really like deezer.

It's the same with me and my family.

Thanks for a good time Deezer, but now we will jump over to Spotify.

Ok have been waited for 2 years now, so better to cancel Deezer and take another one that google home work with. Sorry

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Hello @HenrikS 

We don’t have an estimate date for Google Home to available to use with Deezer in Denmark yet, I am afraid.

As my colleagues have already mentioned, the integration does not depend on us but on Google themselves.

We will keep you updated with the news.

Enjoy Deezer!! :musical_note:

Any news if we Can have deezer on Google home in Denmark. If still no go i Will take another one so i Can use it on Google home 

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Hey @Torben G 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, we'd love to have you on GA and Deezer as well.

We've raised this to Google, yes. But at the moment we're working with them on other integrations. Once we have more updates on this, we'll let you know!


Just want to hear if it is possible to use Deezer via Google Home in Denmark.
On earlier topics i can see that it is probably not you that i have to ask, but Google or have you raised the issue to Google ?
I would like to keep using Deezer in the future, but would be nice to have it on GA too.

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Hi @Love Gun Sixx no news I am afraid. We are still standing at the same point as the integration does not depend on us but on Google themselves.
Apologies for the inconvenience

Any news on this matter?

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Any news?


Our product managers have recently informed us that our integration with Google Home in more countries doesn’t depend on us, but on Google themselves. We’ve been working hard for the past couple of years to improve this, but ultimately it is down to Google to choose which global partners to have on their devices. Thank you for your understanding on this.

Any news?

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Hi @Mkinnerup unfortunately we do not have this info. Please vote for this idea to get more attention on this 😉
Sonos will soon launch integration with Google Assistent but this requires Deezer to support google as well. How much longer will we have to wait?
Any news on this? Just got my Google Home and considering if I need to shift to Spotify 😞
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Hi @Bjarne Villendrup unfortunately not. Once it will be launched we will update you guys here. Please be aware that this does not only depend on us I am afraid.
Any updates on this topic ?
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what is the time horizon approx?
We are not able to provide any timeline for this I am afraid as this does not depend only on us. We will announce it here once this is available 😉
what is the time horizon approx?
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Sorry! No updates on it yet. We'll be here as soon as we've got news!
Hi, status on Google home voice and deezer i Denmark?
IT works on Spotify!