Deezer Starts to Stutter and Stops After Playing One or Two Tracks


For about the last 3 months or maybe a bit longer, I have been experiencing issues with Deezer on my PC (Windows 10). If I’m lucky I can listen to one track without any issue. Soon after this, all songs try to play, but stutter or don’t play at all.

Some things to note:
- I have tried all the different quality settings
- I have uninstalled and reinstalled more than one.
- I have tried installing it from the Windows store as well as download the exe directly.
- I have a 50mb line, so it is highly unlikely a bandwidth issue (it plays fine on my phone on Wifi at home)
-  It does not matter if I have other programs open or not, so I doubt it’s a resource matter either.

I have seen similar posts on here, but none of them conclude with a solution.

Please do not make me go over to Spotify like all the normies. But if this continues, I will have to.

Thanks so much,

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Hello @RoscoNeko are you talking about the desktop app or the browser? 

Hi @Yula The app, sorry

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@RoscoNeko Do you get an error message? Can you take a short video or a screenshot we could see? 
Thank you

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@RoscoNeko are you able to try on a different machine?  Or a friends pc? If it works fine on their’s, it’s likely to be something with Windows. I’ve experienced similar issues with other apps in the past, only a resinstall solved it, (and was quite quick) let’s hope @Yula can find a fix.

Thank you. I have reinstalled it a couple of times. But I haven't had the issue for a few days now. So, let's hope for the best! Thank you!

I get this issue when using my android phone to listen. Android via ‘deezer on sonos’ app to sonos.

Quite often starts when i skip a track. Some speakers cut out, then catch up. 

Tried different phones, laptop, wired connection. 

I’m getting a bit tired of it tbh

I spoke too soon. Issue occurred again shortly after I posted my previous message.