2Pac Ambition az a ridah wierd mix ?

  • 18 February 2023
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Hello guys,


I just added some 2pac songs to my Hip Hop playlist (
Ambitionz az a Ridah has these wierd glitches where the song goes forth and back, and it’s the only mix I’ve been able to find on Deezer.
Anyone know where/why/how does this come from ? 



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3 replies

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Hey @liovanorm!

Please send me the link of the track with the issues and the time when it happens, because I can’t find any problems with the link you sent. 🤔

Take care.✌🏽

Hello @Johnathan.Deezer , thanks for your response.

I don’t know if I linked the actual song, rather it was the playlist.
The Song is the first one on this Album
You can hear what I’m pointing to in the first beats of the songs, around 3 secs in.
As well as at 1:08, 2:13, 2:50, for example.
I suggest listening to this version on Youtube for reference 


Now that I digged into it, it seems to be a way to censor the song ?
You know if the uncensored version is available anywhere ? It makes my ears bleed everytime I hear it, specially on one of the best hip hop tracks ever.

Thanks :-)

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Hey @liovanorm

It’s nothing wrong with the track you sent, I just found the Explicitly version (below), which is without the “issue”. 😊

Take care.