USB in-car conection issue

  • 12 August 2022
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In-car screen no longer displays album art work since last Deezer update. 

Please can you investigate if the last software update has corrupted the album art work transfer from my iPhone 8SE 2020 to the in car entertainment on a Peugeot 108. 

This is a USB connection that has worked since I purchased the car 18 months ago. The failure coincided with your last update but not the IOS update that occurred weeks before.




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4 replies

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Hey there @flightwatch

Is it just the artwork that does not display? 
Are there issues with the music? 



It’s only the artwork that stopped working on your last update.

The only other issue is that occasionally the music stops playing when the screen on my iPhone shuts off. This is fixed by shutting down and restating the app. 

PS. the latest update hasn’t fixed the issue

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I am really sorry about that, I have passed this on, but unfortunately it is not a priority bug to fix. 

The bright side is you can focus on the road and still listen to music!!!