problems with the quality of the images of the music

Hello, I have a problem with the quality of the images of the music.  
They are blurry, it's quite disturbing.  

If anyone knows how to fix the problem, I would appreciate it.  

Thanks in advance.



Best answer by dee_dirk 13 June 2022, 15:54

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Hey @jul_frome 

Do you have some examples? I haven't noticed any bad cover art.

Hey @dee_dirk , 

Thanks for your response. 


Yes, I know it's weird because all my friends have good image quality. 

I have an exemple, 

see, the picture is not clear. She’s a little blurry.


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Yes, I know it's weird because all my friends have good image quality. 


I can't see much of the supposedly bad quality now. Now we need a screenshot that your friends took for comparison. Thank you in advance. :)


I have the same problem 

Since i have deezer installed on my iphone 

Its a bit irritating and idk if deezer can fix this with an update?



@dee_dirk, yes I will send a photo tomorrow with the image quality of my friend's albums.

A big thanks for your help 🙏. 


@Giovanni2002, yes it’s the same problem, idk why, everything was fine but overnight there was this bug. 

same problem here


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Hello everyone.

@mihajlo → Now I recognize it too.
But: For me, the cover graphics are extremely sharp. (Deezer App Beta for iOS)


so what should I do to fix it??

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Not much can be done on the user side.

I am currently asking the Deezer team whether it could be due to the app version used.

Which version are you using?

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@jul_frome & @Giovanni2002 

Could you also write which deezer version you have installed, please? Thanks.

I don’t seem to have an update at the app store. It’s version 9.14.0

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Please check the App Store. Version 9.15 is available for download since 12 hours.

just downloaded the version, didn’t saw until I entered the app on app store, the issue is fixed!

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Thank you for your feedback @mihajlo.

I've also just checked the other covers mentioned above as an example -> Everything is clean and sharp for me, with no haze.

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Me again.
The deezer confirmation has just arrived: The bug has been detected and fixed with version 9.15. 🙂

@dee_dirk, the new deezer update has fixed the problem.


Thank you all for your help.