playback does not resume after phone call

  • 9 October 2019
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As the title suggests, when I take a call whilst listening to Deezer, playback pauses as it should. However, when the call ends, playback does not resume. This only seems to have started since the latest IOS update (13).
I have tried reinstalling the app but this has not corrected the issue.
Can anyone help please. This is highly annoying.
Many thanks

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8 replies

I am having the same issue with ios 13.1.2 after phone call you have to press play in the phone for music to resume no autoresume. Please help!!
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Hi there @MarkVaz @Alvaro Fiorillo

Sorry that's happened, guys. What's your app version? A fix might already be on its way, because our Beta app works - had it tested myself.

Got the same on IOS 15.2 with newest App version just 2 days ago updated. But still having this problem.

Hey @DriverX 

Please completely remove the Deezer app from memory (Instructions from Apple). Restart your iPhone and then test, etc.

All of this doesn't help. Deezer simply does not resume the music. It sometimes does very rarely. But not always as it is supposed to be.

Hi, I have the same problem. It did not help to Update to iOS 15.2 Even though Apple claims that they have addressed the issue. Noticed that resume of music does work after incoming calls or if the phone is not locked.

it is a very annoying problem since you have to start all over with selection of playlist etc



Does no one look into it? I ll undergo a spotify trial period. If this works flawless. Bye bye Deezer.

Been having this problem on android for a while. Extremely annoying and potentially dangerous because this happens mostly when I'm driving. 

If its not fixed I will be moving my family account to another service