No Deezer option on Shazam

  • 24 July 2019
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So I have read most of the posts on this topic
I’m in the UK using a iPhone 6.
i have the Deezer app and Shazam

when i Shazam a song there is no option to play in Deezer just Apple Music.

i deleted Shazam and re installed it, still does not work and I lost ALL of my Shazam history in doing it...

why cant I open in Deezer so I can save music to my Deezer favourites?

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2 replies

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HI @steeko00

Deezer has it's own inbuilt version of Shazam called "Songcatcher".

have a read of this article! :)

I hope that helps 🙂
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 Hey there everyone! 

We are testing a new feature to recognize a song by just, 

humming, singing or whistleling into your phone! 

If you want to help us out show your interest here: