SongCatcher is now available for iOS users

  • 10 July 2019
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As of today, iOS users are also able to catch the songs that caught their ears! SongCatcher, Deezer's track recognition feature, identifies any song from a library of over 56 million tracks worldwide, meaning that unknown songs you hear on films, TV, waiting rooms and restaurants can be just a few seconds away from your playlist.

The SongCatcher button can be found just below the search bar in your Deezer app. Once it is identified, the song will be displayed on your screen with the title, artist name and the cover of the album where the song belongs to. You'll then have the option to add it directly to your favorites and playlists. You can also play and share your new discovered track with your friends.

Make sure to update your iOS to access SongCatcher now!





Click here for further information about SongCatcher. ;)

4 replies

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Guys, this is fantastic news! but come on, 2 things immediately:

first, why can't it automatically save, the searched song, like on a history list, or playlist? Instead of me looking for a playlist where to save it?

second, why is not possible to listen to the song directly from the research results?

come on, come on!
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Hey there @MarcoG

Thanks for your feedback! I'll be passing it on to the team responsible for the feature.
You can save the track by tapping on the heart, or opening the menu and selecting add to favourites. You can also 'play next', but other users also asked for a 'play' button so we'll be looking into it 😉
I really think Deezer has a way of creating a whole music experience for someone. If anything this is one of the most engaging apps I've come across. I just happened to have an idea that may make the experience even better. What if you guys added a 'shazam like feature',whereby one can find a random song they just heard and would want to know the artist and even better if the artist is on Deezer,the search leads them straight to their account. What do you think?
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Hey @Bernice Iraki it's here! 🙂