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For some reason, I can’t press the first song in some albums since the last release. It just won’t register as a press. To access the first song in an album, I have to open another song and go back to the previous song.


Two examples of these albums are “What Went Down” and “Total Life Forever” by Foals.



after testing some more, I found out that the same happens, but for the first (Moonlight) and second (Exits) song on their album “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt. 1”


Best answer by Dries Mockers 4 April 2022, 14:56

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Hey @Dries Mockers 

I had the behavior described before, but not with version 9.9.
I suspect it's just a temporary issue with the cache. Currently, with and beta, I have not been able to reproduce the issue.
Please close the deezer app completely as described by Apple and test again.

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Hey dee_dirk,


Thanks for the feedback! I tried closing the app completely as described and even manually clearing the cache, but the behavior stayed the same.

I just deleted the app from my device and re-installed it: this seems to have fixed the issue.


Kind regards,