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  • 19 February 2023
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Hello! As of today for whatever reason my mobile app is repeatedly changing what playlist it is playing from seemingly at random. I have been streaming from Flow, and when a song ends it will change to a playlist I have favorited and downloaded. Sometimes this happens every song, other times it will play a few songs before switching. When it does switch, sometimes it just plays the new song and others it will play about one second and then pause itself. 

I have an Apple Watch with the Deezer app installed but it is not running during this. I am listening via Bluetooth headphones and have not touched their controls. I have attempted to restart the Deezer app multiple times and have restarted my phone. 

How should I go about resolving this? It has made the app completely unusable at the moment. 


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4 replies

Hey @ntilley905 

Your Apple Watch overrules the iPhone app. If you uninstall and reinstall and link the watch app once, everything should work again.

Even if the Apple Watch app wasn’t running on the watch at all? That could still cause this?

Yes, even if the watch doesn't seem to be active at all. I have the same problem from time to time and then I have to go through the procedure I have described. Otherwise the iPhone app can no longer be used properly.

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Thanks @dee_dirk ! 🤙🏼