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  • 17 November 2018
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I read it was possible to get Deezer from iOS 8 and up (, so I decided to buy an iPod 5 which supports iOS 9.3.5, but when I go to get the app from the appstore it says I need iOS10, which is a bummer. Did this change recently and the webpage is outdated? Or is there another way to install Deezer on iOS 9?
Thanks in advance

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27 replies

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@Brini18 We are happy to push feedbacks to our developers, but it’s important to understand that we have to keep updating our app and it’s also important for our users to keep up to date. Since iOS 15 now we just don’t support older versions of iOS, sorry!

I’ve just had my 8yr old come to ask me to update his Deezer app so he can continue to listen to his music. He has an iPad mini 2, same as his brother. Same issue, asking to update and no way to download the last compatible version. My guess is the App Store goes to look for the last compatible version however the developer hasn’t linked to it. Deezer’s issue.

I’m not buying an 8 year old a new iPad just to have the latest updates. My 8 year old wants to listen to music, he’s not interested in new features or workout moods. This isn’t about security, my bank account isn’t going to get rinsed if someone hacks my Deezer account.

This £18 per month family subscription is looking very redundant if the family can’t use it.

Family is more than a tech savvy couple who have time for worrying about the right track BPM at the gym, it’s about introducing children to a love of music. Sort it or we’re cancelling.