favourite tracks not availbe when offline

  • 18 June 2022
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Hey Everyone,

since few weeks I have an issue with offline mode. When opening the app without internet connection, my favorites are gone although many of the tracks are available as part of some other playlist. I have seen this issue was also posted some time ago by someone with android. 
I am using iPhone with the latest app version  and it’s really annoying when you open the app being in the plane. When intervener is restored, complete list appears. It’s like the app was blocking an access to favorites because premium subscription  cannot be verified or simply a list cannot be synchronized.. 

please help. 


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7 replies

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@Bartosh Preston 

You did not mention… but i think the playlists you are talking about have been downloaded before? If so, they should appear and play if selecting them from favourites menu. 

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Yup, still an issue with Android too. The tracks are downloaded but won't play because I'm offline. 

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Can you send us a screenshot of what you see please, @Bartosh Preston


Hi @Yula , @Rick P. @Superschlumpf 


I know where the playlist ist. I just go there and it is empty or sometimes (what’s even more strange )- only last track on top.  

Yes, I have more than 300 downloaded songs. 

I have just made a test today - same issue - and when I go online again, list is refreshed and tracks are again there. Screenshots attached. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. keep app inactive (for example overnight)
  2. go offline
  3. open the app
  4. go to Favourites (previously downloaded). 

You can add me to the testflight if you want more details. 


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@Bartosh Preston 

Very strange… 

I‘m on iOS 15.5 with my iPhone and can’t reproduce this problem. If offline my downloaded content is availabel. 

Have you tried reinstalling the deezer app?

Imho this would be the best try. 

@Superschlumpf have you tried to go offline after long period of not using the app (overnight) and then starting the app?
anyway reinstalling the app ist the last thing i want to do as I’m worried that I will have to redownload  all  content again and that takes time and is not happing in the background so will block my phone. 

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@Bartosh Preston 

In fact it’s no difference when not using the app a long time before. 
I understand your reservations to delete and reinstall the app. But in many cases this solves a problem.