Family subscription issue

  • 28 November 2022
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Hello there

I have a family subscription but Deezer player is now only allowing 1 user to listen at a time. Multi users have not been a problem in the past. 




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7 replies

Hey @Grant Ellmers 

Do all family members have their own login data or do you also use profiles (admin login data)?

OH oops. My daughter was using my profile. All sorted now. Thanks

So I subscribed to deezer Family,  shared with my wife and this keeps coming up on her device . Nor can she can't sign in without a subscription.  Is there a work around to this ?


You have different country codes. This can only be changed by support:

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Thank you for your help @dee_dirk ! 

On that case you need to contact our support @DLC, they can help you. =)

Take care.

My Deezer Account stopped in December for a reason I don’t understand. Did you increase price or anything ? 

I subscribed again  to a Family Account. 

my subscription does not propagate to nether my own iPhone nor my family members. On my iPhone deezer still shows ´premium’.  I spent my whole day trying to fix the issue. I am really tired,  I will switch to another provider. 



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Hello @thdumaure

it seems like there is an issue with the subscription, 

could you please contact Costumer Care with details of your account?