Deezer App disconnects from Google cast but music keeps playing

I am able to cast music successfully from my iPhone X Deezer app to my google cast device enabled speakers. I notice that if I swipe the app
away and use my phone for other things and re-open the Deezer app, it forgets that it is still casting to my speakers. As such, I’m unable to skip tracks or adjust volume through the app unless I cast again - anyone else experienced this issue?

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I have the issue that when I ask my speaker chromecast enabled, a HK Citation 300, to play some music by Deezer it plays for 40 min aprox and it suddenly stops, I ask google to keep playing and it says that it isn’t playing anything, forcing me to go to the app and stream directly from the app via chromecast, it only happens when I ask google to play music, through my IPhone 8 Plus iOS 13.3.1 directly cast from the Deezer app it has no problem.

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Hi there @Javier E. Coronel León 

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this to us. Have you tried any troubleshooting so far?

I was wondering if you could check for firmware updates, perhaps relink the Deezer account and restarting the device?

I use Deezer HiFi since a few days and experience the same issue. I can add a little more detail to it:

When casting and using some other app, sometimes Deezer is available in the Android notification area. When this is the case and starting Deezer from there, it works as expected, it picks up the song currently playing.

For some reason while casting, Deezer is not always present in the Android notification area. If not, and getting Deezer active from the background, it starts a new session. It does not remember music is playing through Chromecast.

This really is very very frustrating.

Using Android 10 on Huawei and different chromecasts, Dongle, TV-built in, Soundbar built-in and HK Omni20 speakers built in. All of them the same issue.

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Thanks for letting us know @LeonVanSnippenberg your feedback is very well detailed. I'll be forwarding your comments to our devs for investigation :thumbsup_tone2:


I have that issue too. I usualy play flow and leave Chromecast for some tine alone than reopen deezer app and it stops music and play again flow but frombthe first song I starter d earlier. Help. 

Premium member since yesterday and the first annoyance is already present. I cast from my iPhone 13 to a Google Cast device. When I turn the screen back on after a while, a pop-up appears: You are no longer connected to.... While music just plays! See on the forum that this problem has been going on for more than 2 years! Is this still being worked on? Solution? Usual measures without success: reinstall app, restart iPhone, log in and log out.
(IOS 16.1 App version 9.27.0.